Sauteed mushrooms

Sauteed mushrooms

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Servings: 2

Preparation time: less than 30 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Sauteed mushrooms:

Wash the vegetables, cut the carrot into thin slices, cut the pepper into larger pieces and slice the mushrooms. Cook the carrots in melted butter, then add the peppers and finally the mushrooms. Add soy sauce and other spices. They cook together until they bind well. It is a special garnish, we often serve it without anything else.

So here are some ideas for integrating mushrooms into your family's menu.

- Make some sauteed and glazed mushrooms with balsamic vinegar. A kind of machine that is very easy to prepare but also very fast.
- Put a mushroom puff pastry, chives and cheese on top of a puff pastry. Ideal to serve invitations before the main course.
- Try a & bdquogrilled cheese & rdquo with lightly sautéed mushrooms with garlic.
- Filled with a little cheese and an onion cream, the mushrooms become an amazing appetizer if you fry them.
- You can make a mushroom sauce and add quinoa. A kind of complete movement.
- Put an egg in a Portobello mushroom. The best idea for brunch.
- Mushrooms are delicious on skewers with slices of meat.
- The hamburger cake can be replaced with Portobello mushroom slices. Much tastier and especially much healthier.
- To sublimate all kinds of sauces, you can try to add some lightly sautéed mushrooms with some spices.
- An ideal kind of pasta & ndash pasta with bacon and mushrooms, shallots and chicken.
- And to warm up on cold evenings, nothing compares to a delicious cream of mushroom soup.
- Stuffed mushrooms are best to delight all guests.
- A quiche with ham and mushrooms is the ideal and easy to prepare dish when you feel the need for a comforting dish.
- A risotto with mushrooms and mascarpone is delicious & icircţi will make the taste buds travel.

The pan-fried garlic mushrooms are delicious, perfectly browned on the outside, with good taste and pleasant aroma. They are perfect as a side dish, but can also be eaten as a main course with a green salad.

The recipe is prepared quickly and easily, but to get the best mushrooms with sauteed garlic you must take into account a few indications.

First you need to clean the mushrooms with a slightly damp kitchen towel, a paper towel or a toothbrush to remove dirt.

If you wash them, you must let them dry for at least an hour. The mushrooms act like a sponge, the water will be absorbed, so when you put them in the pan the water will come out and they will cook in the water, that is, they will boil.

Excess moisture inhibits the browning of fungi, which contain a lot of water anyway. you will notice that by cooking their volume decreases a lot.

The second thing to keep in mind is the pan you choose. It must be large, roomy so that the mushrooms are not crowded. It is preferable to cook them in the pan after it has been well heated.

The contact of the mushrooms with the hot pan must be maximized, which will allow the rapid evaporation of moisture. If they remove liquid over time, you will continue to cook them until the water evaporates completely, and the mushrooms can brown and reach the perfect aroma.

Another very important thing is when you add salt. This removes moisture, preventing browning, so you will sprinkle it only when they are cooked, near the end.

It is very important to know that mushrooms do not cook over low heat. This would make it easier to remove the liquid from them and you will stifle them. It is ideal to fry them over high heat, but not the highest.

You do not have to stir constantly, even if you think this is necessary.

Taking into account these few indications, you will get the best garlic mushrooms cooked in a pan.

Depending on the tastes, you can add your favorite greens (thyme, oregano, chives, dill), but I think parsley is the best choice.

Pan-fried garlic mushrooms can be a perfect garnish for steaks, but they also work great with a creamy polenta.

We really like mushrooms, so you can find a lot of mushroom recipes on the blog. I managed to gather a collection of fasting recipes with mushrooms (you can find the recipes if click here), but I also used them with meat for stews, cream soups or I used them in various recipes for appetizers, pies.

I leave below the list of ingredients and how to prepare mushrooms with garlic in a frying pan, both in video form and with written explanations:


500 g mushroom mushrooms

1/4 bunch of green parsley

For starters I leave the preparation method in video format. Double-click on the video to watch it in full size.

I also leave the preparation method explained step by step:

I cleaned the mushrooms with a kitchen towel, removing the dirt without washing them. If you really want to wash them, you will let them dry for at least an hour on a paper towel.

I had big mushrooms, so I cut them in half, but they could also be cut into four or sliced. If you have small mushrooms, leave them whole because they will be very cute.

It is very important that they are cut to the same size, so that they are cooked at the same time.

I chopped the parsley, then a large clove of garlic into small cubes.

I heated the olive oil in a pan, I added the butter. I used butter with 80% fat.

I put the mushrooms in the pan and made sure they were not piled up.

The fire for frying them must be large, but not maximum. In the first minutes I mixed quite often so that the mushrooms were evenly greased with the fat from the pan.

The oil and butter were absorbed, so I added a maximum of 2 teaspoons of oil.

After about 3-4 minutes since I put the mushrooms in the pan, I didn't mix them anymore and I let them fry, turning them only when they started to brown.

They left extremely little water, so I cooked them until they evaporated completely and the mushrooms browned and became shiny.

At this point I seasoned with pepper, salt, I added the garlic, and at the end the parsley.

Pan-fried garlic mushrooms are very tasty, browned and flavorful.

Sauteed mushrooms with polenta (fasting)

For when you don't know what to prepare, when you don't have the time or desire to complicate yourself. Simple, handy and good!


Mushrooms - 300 g (canned)

Dried thyme - 1/2 teaspoon

Greenery (dill, parsley) - 1 link

Olive oil - 3 tablespoons +

For polenta:

Apa- 1l
Salt & # 8211 1 teaspoon
Malay flour- 350g

Method of preparation:

1- Prepare the polenta: put the water to boil together with the salt from the moment it starts to boil, gradually add the corn flour, in a thin thread, stirring continuously with the whisk.

2- Heat the oil in a large pan / wok, together with the salt, pepper, paprika, bay leaf and dried thyme.

3- Put the mushrooms and let them brown, stirring from time to time.

4- Peel the garlic and grate it. Green onions and greens are crushed.

5- Before 2-3 minutes to remove the pan from the heat, add the garlic, green onions and mix.