Shrimp Pasta

Shrimp Pasta

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Shrimp Pasta Ingredients

  1. Spaghetti 300 grams
  2. Frozen shrimps (peeled) - 200-250 grams to taste
  3. Lemon 1 pc.
  4. Dry white wine ½ cup
  5. Chili pepper 1 pc.
  6. Parsley ½ bunch
  7. Garlic 1-2 cloves
  8. Salt 1 tablespoon
  • Main ingredients: Shrimp, Pasta
  • Serving 2 servings
  • World CuisineItalian Cuisine


Saucepan (2 - 2.5 liters), Frying pan, Garlic press, Glass, Tablespoon, Cutting board, Knife, Bowl, Serving dish (or portioned dishes), Cooker

Cooking shrimp pasta:

Step 1: Cook the spaghetti.

In a large saucepan, boil water and salt it. Next, put spaghetti there and cook over low heat for 10 to 12 minutes. When pasta becomes soft and flexible, they need to be stirred so that they do not stick to the bottom of the pan and stick together. Throw the prepared spaghetti into a colander, drain the water and rinse them with running cold water.

Step 2: Making wine-garlic sauce.

Garlic and chili must be peeled, washed in cold water and chopped using a special press, and chopped pepper finely. Pour sunflower oil onto a hot pan, wait 30 seconds (to warm it) and fry the slightly crushed garlic, then add white wine, chopped chili and ½ cup water.

Step 3: squeeze the lemon juice.

Defrost the shrimp under a stream of cold water and fry with garlic for 5 to 7 minutes. Rinse the lemon with water, cut in half. One half should be scalded with boiling water and squeezed juice from it into a glass. The other half of the lemon will be needed for decoration.

Step 4: Combine the spaghetti and shrimp with the sauce.

Next, transfer the shrimp from the pan to the bowl, and place the spaghetti in the pan with the sauce and heat them. At the very end of frying the pasta you need to pour in lemon juice and mix well with a tablespoon.

Step 5: Serve the shrimp spaghetti.

Put spaghetti on portioned plates, add shrimp and mix, color on the side with lemon or orange slices and parsley. This dish will be a good breakfast, lunch for lunch or a great dinner. You can also serve in a serving dish, and you can arrange on plates yourself. Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - It is best to defrost shrimp in the packaging in which they were sold. For this, it should not be opened, but placed under a stream of cold water.

- - Instead of lemon juice, you can use orange, then the taste of the dish will turn out not so sharp and sour, but it will get a pleasant sweetish aroma.

- - Make sure that the pan does not become too hot, otherwise the oil will spray in all directions. If this happens, remove the pan from the heat for 5 minutes.


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