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Ingredients for making Easter cake

  1. Premium wheat flour 500-600gr.
  2. Milk 250 gr.
  3. Yeast 25-30 gr
  4. 6 eggs
  5. Sugar 1.5 cups
  6. Butter 150 gr.
  7. Salt pinch
  8. Half a spoon vanilla
  9. Raisins, candied fruit to taste
  • Main Ingredients Yeast Dough
  • Serving 6 servings
  • World Cuisine


Mixer, Casserole, Baking pan, Oven

Cooking Easter cake:

Step 1. Preparation of the dough.

The most important thing for a yeast dough is that the yeast is fresh. Take a pot with high sides. Pour all the milk and set it to warm up. In the preheated (30 degrees) milk, put the yeast and a spoonful of sugar. Mix thoroughly with a mixer. We put in a warm place and cover with a clean towel. This is necessary so that, firstly, there are no drafts, and secondly, the yeast only rises in heat. We are waiting for half an hour. Yeast in milk rises to the full height of the pan. This means they are fresh and the process is going right. After the yeast has risen, add another spoonful of sugar, half flour to the pan and thoroughly knead the dough. We cover with a towel and again set in a warm place for 40 minutes to rise. In the meantime, light the oven, it should heat up to 180 degrees.

Step 2. Knead the dough for the Easter cake.

Now we prepare the components for the gradual introduction into the dough, separate the yolks from the proteins. Leave one yolk to grease the top of the finished dough. Whisk the yolks with sugar and melted butter with a mixer. Stir until sugar dissolves. Add the resulting mass to a pan with dough. There is a pinch of salt and vanilla or vanilla sugar. Mix thoroughly. Add the remaining flour in parts, kneading each time so that the mass is enriched with oxygen. In general, the process of preparing yeast dough is a long and anxious matter. Beat whites with a mixer in a strong foam. Carefully add whipped proteins to the dough. Again, gently knead and set in a warm place for 40-60 minutes. Do not forget to cover with a towel! The dough should rise 2 times. After the first time, knead the dough for 5 minutes and leave to rise again. After it has risen 2 times, knead it again well, adding raisins washed and dried on a towel, as well as candied fruits or nuts.

Step 3. Baking Easter cake.

Prepare a cake pan. It must be greased with oil and the bottom and walls should be lined with oiled parchment paper. Put the finished dough into the mold. In this case, it must be filled in 1/2 volume. If you want a more magnificent cake, then 1/3. Allow the dough to rise (30 minutes) in a warm place. In this case, handle the form very carefully, do not shake. Then grease the top of the cake with yolk or some water, in which sugar was dissolved. My grandmother put 1/4 cup of 2 tablespoons of sugar, that is, it turned out to be a very sweet syrup. Put in a preheated oven (recall 180 degrees). Easter cake is baked for 40-50 minutes. In general, the duration of the baking depends on the volume of the form in which the cake is baked. It is baked on a minimum fire. The readiness of the Easter cake is checked with a toothpick or a match - we pierce it, if the dough does not stick, then it is ready. Before removing the cake from the mold, it must be allowed to cool. My grandmother laid cakes on a barrel on a spread towel.

Step 4. Decorate Easter cake.

Usually, Easter cake is decorated with white icing or fondant. Fondant is made from water and sugar, like sweet syrup. Powdered sugar is mixed with a little water. Proportions 5: 1. Heated on fire and allowed to cool slightly immediately applied to the product. If you slow down a little, the fudge immediately hardens and turns into a sugar crust. On top of it you can sprinkle a multi-colored sprinkle from the store, figures from marmalade. In short, the hostess's fantasies know no bounds.

Step 5. We serve Easter cake.

Traditionally, Easter cakes were "closed" on the night from Pure Thursday to Friday, on Friday they baked, that is, 2 days before Easter. Easter cake is served on Sunday and begin with it an Easter meal with colored eggs and cottage cheese Easter. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - For the test, you can take the so-called dry yeast and cook the dough in a quick, that is, gingerless way.

- - In the dough you can put the zest of one lemon with raisins and candied fruit. The aroma from baking will be indescribable.

- - when baking Easter cake, so that the top does not get burnt, you can put a circle of paper soaked in water on the browned crust.

- - for the Easter cake it is better to dissolve a lot of dough, with large volumes the dough is better "fermented".