Fat rolls

Ingredients for making bacon rolls

  1. Thin fat 500 grams
  2. Garlic 1 head
  3. Dill 1 bunch
  4. Mustard 3 tbsp. spoons
  5. Ground paprika 2 tbsp. spoons
  6. Coarse salt 1 cup
  • Main ingredients: Lard, Garlic
  • Serving 4 servings
  • World Cuisine


Bowl, Garlic press, Vials, Teaspoons, Knife, Cutting board, Toothpicks, Dish

Cooking bacon rolls:

Step 1: Salting.

We clear the fat from dirt and dust with a kitchen knife by scraping all sides of the piece. Next, cut off the skin from it. And we cut the flesh itself into long thin slices. In thickness, they should be about 1 centimeter, but pancakes a little block is defined as: the longer, the better. Count so that you can roll it into a roll. Next, each slice should be well rubbed on both sides with coarse salt and put them in a bowl. We cover it and leave it at room temperature for two hours. During this time, the slices will saline and will be ready for the formation of rolls. Step 2: Cook the toppings. Thoroughly peel the garlic from the husks and rinse it. We pass it through a special press and divide it into three equal parts. Mix one of them with paprika and mix well. The second with mustard, and the third with finely chopped dill. We divide all three fillings into different bowls and supply with three small spoons.

Step 3: Form the rolls.

At the end of the salting time, we take out the pieces and remove the remaining salt from them with a knife. Next, we divide the lard into three equal parts for our fillings. Using a spoon, apply one of our fillings to a slice and turn the fat into a roll. To fix it, pierce it from two sides or in the middle with a toothpick. We do the same with all the remaining pieces of salted bacon. Ready rolls are placed on a dish and sent to the freezer for one hour.

Step 4: Serve the rolls of bacon.

We take the rolls out of the freezer and cut them crosswise into twisted slices with a sharp knife. We spread them on a dish with greens all three types of rolls and serve on the table in a chilled form. Everything else, the appetizer looks very nice on the table, due to the contrast of colors. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - On top of the appetizer you can sprinkle with chopped feathers of green onions and sesame seeds, which will add brightness and personality to the dish, as well as saturate its taste.

- - If you use ready-made salted lard in the recipe, you will save a lot of cooking time.

- - If you were unable to overpower the whole snack at the table, do not rush to throw away the leftovers, because rolls can be stored closed in the freezer for about a week. In addition, this is an occasion to cook them for the future and to be always "fully armed" at the time of the arrival of unexpected guests or in case of an irresistible desire to have a bite.