Free Burritos In Exchange for Kissing, This Valentine’s Day at Qdoba

Free Burritos In Exchange for Kissing, This Valentine’s Day at Qdoba

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Qdoba is offering a “buy one get one” deal for smothered burritos if you plant a smooch on a loved one this Feb. 14

Smother someone special in kisses, get a smothered burrito. It’s a win-win situation.

Whether you’re single or attached, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day in the best way possible… with free burritos! Qdoba has announced a special offer where, in exchange for a kiss, you can score a “buy one get one” smothered burrito deal. Give a peck to a loved one, friend, or even a surprised customer in line, and you’ll score a free second burrito helping.

“We’ve been serving up free burritos on Valentine’s Day for the past few years and are amped to celebrate the day with our fans by bringing back this annual offer,” said David Craven, Vice President of Brand Marketing. “Smothered for a Smooch is meant to be fun and a bit over-the-top, and both our guests and our team members have a lot of fun sharing the love at this event.”

The event is also a way for customers to try out Qdoba’s new smothered burrito sauce: savory queso, “a rich and creamy smother that takes a savory spin on the sauce that started it all.”

The whole shebang really reminds us of the McDonald’s Share the Lovin’ concept, which has already gotten its share of criticism.

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