Salad "Snowman"

Salad "Snowman"

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Ingredients for the preparation of salad "Snowman"

Ingredients for the Snowman Salad

  1. boiled rice 2 cups,
  2. 4-5 eggs,
  3. crab sticks 200 gr.,
  4. cheese 200 gr.,
  5. mayonnaise 300 gr.,
  6. garlic 3 prongs,
  7. 1pcs cream cheese

To decorate the salad:

  1. prunes 2 slices,
  2. carrots 1 pc.,
  3. 1 crab stick
  4. brown bread 1 slice,
  5. sprig of dill 1 pc.
  • Main ingredients Eggs, Rice
  • Serving 5 servings


cutting board, knife, pan, tray, grater

Cooking the Snowman Salad:

Step 1: Prepare the products.

First, cook rice. For 1 cup of rice, boil about 2 cups of water, a little more is possible. Be sure to salt (a small pinch). Cooked rice, 15 minutes - make sure that the grains do not turn into porridge, the mass should be loose. Excess water can be drained. Now the rice can be set aside to cool. Next we need to boil the eggs. And only after all these procedures, we can begin to prepare the salad.

Step 2: Cut the products.

To begin with, we need to separate the protein and yolk of the eggs from each other. Carefully cut the egg in half, and lay the yolk and protein in different directions. Well, so as not to put it in a long box - first, chop the yolk (you can use a knife) - put it in a separate bowl, and then three squirrels on a coarse grater. Following the egg, we need to grate the cheese. You can use a coarse grater, but I'm used to rubbing on a fine grater. There is not much difference. And finally, we move on to crab sticks. They can be cut large, can be finely - as you wish! I cut them into rather large pieces - they are still not visible, but tastier.

Step 3: "Sculpt" the snowman.

Now the fun begins in the preparation of our dish - Lepim. To begin with, we put boiled rice on a tray or a large dish in the form of a snowman (leave 3 tablespoons, we still need it). Then grease with a small amount of mayonnaise and spread crab sticks on top, spreading evenly over the entire surface of the snowman. After this, do not forget to anoint it again with mayonnaise. The next layer we will have chopped yolk. After that, clean the garlic, mix it with a small amount of mayonnaise (about a tablespoon) and apply the yolk on top. Next, we need to make our hero's arms and legs! Take the processed cheese and mix it with the remaining rice and season with mayonnaise (about 1 teaspoon). From the resulting mixture, we make the arms and legs of a snowman and then completely sprinkle it with grated egg white.

Step 4: Serve the Snowman Salad.

Serve the resulting salad can be so, but still I advise you to decorate it! From prunes we cut his eyes and eyebrows, from carrots - his nose, from bread - a hat, and from a crab stick we make a mouth and a scarf. A sprig of dill will be instead of the Christmas tree. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - carrots can be used both boiled and raw

- - Instead of dill, you can use any other herbs - parsley, for example. Just dill is more like a Christmas tree

- - you can independently invent other decorations for the snowman, for example, attach ears, or instead of crab sticks on a scarf, use canned corn.