Shurpa in Uzbek

Ingredients for making Uzbek shurpa

  1. Lamb 200 grams
  2. Potato 6-7 pieces
  3. Carrot 1 piece
  4. Onion -1 piece to taste
  5. Vegetable oil 4 tablespoons
  6. Tomato paste 4 tablespoons
  7. Bay leaf 1 piece
  8. Black pepper peas 4-5 pieces
  9. Parsley ½ bunch
  10. Dill greens ½ bunch
  • Main Ingredients
  • Serving 4 servings
  • World cuisine


Cauldron with a lid, Cutting board, Wooden spatula, Knife, Serving plates, Cooker

Cooking Shurpa in Uzbek:

Step 1: Cook and roast the meat.

Lamb should be washed thoroughly with cold water, then dried with a paper towel, cut into cubes on a cutting board. Put the cauldron on the fire, pour oil and warm it up a bit. Then chopped meat must be put in a cauldron and fry for 15-20 minutes to form a golden crust. Remember to periodically stir it with a wooden spatula.

Step 2: Add the carrots and onions.

Carrots, onions and potatoes must be peeled and washed well under running running water. Then chop the prepared vegetables into large cubes and put in the meat (except for potatoes). Stir it all and fry for 10 - 15 minutes.

Step 3: Add the potatoes and spices.

We add tomato paste to the future shurpa, stir, after 5 minutes we put peas of black pepper and lavrushka. Then put the cubes of potatoes and pour water so that it covers all the vegetables. After the shurpa boils, cover the cauldron with a lid, turn down the heat and cook for 35 - 45 minutes.

Step 4: Serve Uzbek Shurpa.

Shurpa can be served in two ways: 1) broth in a tureen with vegetables, and potatoes and lamb in a separate small plate; 2) like an ordinary soup. The first method is preferable, as it can replace a lunch consisting of the first and second courses. Do not forget to wash the greens, chop it coarsely and sprinkle in plates. Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - The meat will be stewed faster if 1 - 2 tablespoons of vinegar are added to the broth.

- - If during cooking shurpa you notice that it does not turn out very thick and rich, you can add 1 tablespoon of flour to the broth.

- - The longer the shurpa is cooked, the tastier it will turn out in the final result.