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Lavash Achma

Lavash Achma

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Ingredients for making ACH from pita bread

  1. Pita thin sheet 4 pieces
  2. Kefir 2.5% fat content of 250 milliliters
  3. Chicken eggs 3 pieces
  4. Hard cheese 200 grams
  5. Butter 100 grams
  6. Cheese Brynza 400 grams
  7. Suluguni cheese to taste
  8. Salt to taste
  • Main ingredientsCheese, Bread
  • Serving 8 servings
  • World Cuisine


Baking tray, Oven, Hand whisk, Medium bowl - 2 pieces, Medium grater, Cutting board, Knife, Flat plate, Serving dish, Kitchen gloves

Cooking ACM from pita bread:

Step 1: prepare the egg-kefir mixture.

So, for starters, prepare the egg-kefir mixture. To do this, use a knife to break the eggshell and pour into a medium bowl. Pour kefir into the same container and, using a hand whisk, beat the components well until a homogeneous mass is formed. Attention: if you have unsalted feta cheese, then you can add a little salt to the egg-kefir mixture to make the achma tasty and moderately salty.

Step 2: prepare the cheese.

Using a medium grater, rub the cheese directly into a free bowl. Attention: since such cheese is rather dense in consistency, it is best to grind it on a grater, but if you have a blender at hand, then be sure to use this inventory, since the finer the cheese, the tastier it is already in the dish itself.

Step 3: prepare the pita bread.

We put two sheets of thin pita bread aside, as we will cover the baking sheet with them. But the remaining components are laid out on a cutting board and cut into not medium-sized squares. Pieces of pita bread are placed in a flat plate. Attention: pita bread can also be torn into pieces by hand.

Step 4: prepare hard cheese.

Using a medium grater, grate hard cheese. Attention: any hard cheese of your choice is suitable for making acma from pita bread. For example, it can be Russian, Kostroma or Adygea. In a word, both sweet and quite salty. The main thing, if you will salt the dish, you must be extremely careful not to salt the egg-kefir mixture.

Step 5: prepare the acma from pita bread.

So, all the components of the dish are ready, so you can proceed directly to the preparation of achma. To do this, first of all, well lubricate the walls and bottom of the pan with butter. Attention: To do this, remove the oil from the refrigerator in advance so that it melts slightly. After that, cover the baking dish with two pita leaves, which we spread crosswise. The main thing is that the edges of the pita hang over the baking sheet. Attention: if you have a square or wide baking sheet, then the pita leaves can be laid in parallel (as I did) and so that one edge of the pita goes on the other. After this, in turn, well dipped on all sides slices of pita bread in egg-kefir mixture and spread on a sheet of pita bread tightly to each other. Spread chopped feta cheese in the second layer, but so that this component still remains on the next layer. Then again dip the pieces of pita bread in the egg-kefir mixture and spread them with a third layer on top of the cheese. And so we repeat the layers until we run out of ingredients. At the end, wrap the ends of the main pita bread inside the dish and pour the rest with the egg-kefir mixture so that part of the liquid gets onto the leaves of the main pita bread. From above, sprinkle all our beauty with grated hard cheese, add pieces of butter and, if desired, pieces of suluguni cheese to the surface of the dish. We put the baking sheet with Achma in a preheated oven to a temperature 180 ° C and bake the dish for 25-35 minutes. As soon as the Georgian dish is ready, you will feel this unforgettable aroma of cream cheese and golden crust of the dish. Immediately after that we turn off the oven, and we take out the baking sheet with the help of kitchen tacks and set aside for 10 minutesso that the acma cools down a bit. Cut the pastries into portioned slices, using a knife, and can serve.

Step 6: serve Achma from pita bread.

Achma is a real dish of Georgian cuisine. Cooking it is very simple. But then it turns out to be very satisfying and it can be easily served to the table, like a main course along with hot aromatic tea or coffee. Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - For the preparation of egg-kefir mixture, it is best to add homemade eggs. As for kefir, it is not necessary to use a dairy product with a high percentage of fat content. Kefir with 1% fat content is also suitable.

- - Instead of feta cheese, you can add cottage cheese of any percentage of fat content or just hard cheese to the dish. But, if you add fresh dill and parsley to the cottage cheese, then the dish will become even more fragrant and mouth-watering.

- - Instead of butter, you can use margarine to grease the pan.

- - For the preparation of achma, it is best to use a special thin pita bread, which is rectangular in shape. Then it will be much more convenient to form a dish, moreover, it is very tender and easily soaked with an egg-kefir mixture.


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