The drinks

Cranberry (cranberry tincture)

Ingredients for the preparation of cranberries (cranberry tincture)

  1. Fresh cranberries (if bought at the bank) 1 liter
  2. Vodka 1 liter
  3. Sugar 300 grams
  4. Purified water 1.3 liters
  • Main Ingredients Cranberry, Vodka, Sugar
  • Serving 7 servings


Deep pan, Tablespoon, Colander, Deep bowl, Sterilized three-liter jar - 2 pieces, Kapron lid, Gauze, Strainer, Carafe, Glasses for serving a drink

Cooking cranberries (cranberry tincture):

Step 1: Prepare Cranberries

First of all, we need to rinse cranberries under running water. To do this, pour the berries into a colander and carefully, so as not to damage the ingredient, rinse them under running water. Attention: To better rinse cranberries, put them in a colander in portions. So, we transfer the processed component to a clean deep bowl and ripen the remaining berries.

Step 2: prepare sugar water.

Pour purified water into a deep pan and pour sugar into it. We do not stir everything with improvised inventory, but simply set aside for a while, so that the sugar independently dissolves in the liquid.

Step 3: prepare cranberries (cranberry tincture).

So, with the help of a tablespoon, we knead each cranberry berry well so that it releases juice, otherwise our drink simply will not work. After this, pour the main ingredient into a pan with sugar syrup and pour vodka there. Using the same tableware, mix all the components well until sugar crystals float at the bottom of the container. Here our cranberry tincture is almost ready. Now we pour the whole mixture into a sterilized three-liter jar and tightly close the container with a capron lid. Attention: the jar must be clean and sterilized so that the drink does not ferment during the brewing process. Put the tincture in a dark but not cold place for 4 days to insist. After the allotted time, pour the cranberry tincture from one can into another sterilized three-liter jar through a strainer. After this, repeat the procedure, but already filter the drink through cheesecloth. This must be done so that cranberry slices do not get into the tincture and the drink becomes crystal clear.

Step 4: serve cranberries (cranberry tincture).

Once the cranberries are ready, it can be poured into a decanter and served to the table along with glasses, from which we will drink, enjoying this drink. Cranberry tincture is quite strong, but nevertheless very tasty and fragrant. Before serving, the drink can be chilled in the refrigerator. Enjoy it!

Recipe Tips:

- - It is better to store cranberry tincture in the refrigerator and not for a long time. Although, I’m not sure that such a drink stagnates for a long time, since it is drunk with a bang.

- - Instead of cranberries, you can add lemon in the same proportions to the drink and give it the name "lemon." This tincture is also very tasty and fragrant.

- - You can crush cranberries not only with a tablespoon, but also use such equipment as a potato pusher.

- - You should not get too carried away with such a drink, as it can easily be attributed to strong drinks.

- - Insist on cranberry tincture for longer than 4 days.