Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Truffles

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Chocolate Truffle Ingredients

  1. Bitter chocolate 340 grams (a regular chocolate bar should weigh 100 grams, but it happens 95 grams)
  2. Cocoa powder for sprinkling
  3. Butter 35 grams
  4. Cream 33% 0.5 cups
  • Main Ingredients: Oil, Sour Cream, Cocoa and Chocolate


Cooker, Casserole 2 pieces, Cutting board, Knife, Glass, Refrigerator, Glass bowl for chocolate, Whisk, Sieve, Fork, Plate, Foil, Baking tray

Making Chocolate Truffles:

Step 1: prepare the chocolate.

To begin with, we need to melt the chocolate bars, grind the tiles with a knife and a cutting board, so that in the future the chocolate mass melts quickly and evenly. You can also use a blender, grater or rolling pin. But we will not grind all the chocolate bars, but only 250 grams, the rest will come in handy later.

Step 2: cook the ingredients.

We take a pan in which we will cook the chocolate mass, put a piece of butter in it, pour out the right amount of cream and crushed chocolate. Melt all the ingredients we will be on water bath. To do this, put the pan, pour water there, and on top of it we put the pan with the ingredients. Turn on the stove to the middle level. When the mass begins to melt, mix it until smooth with a whisk. And then pour the chocolate mass into a glass container, cover with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator 6 hours or better at night.

Step 3: form the truffles.

We take out a glass container from the refrigerator in which the chocolate mass has cooled sufficiently and from which it is now easy to make sweets. We remove the film and begin to form. Using a special small spoon for ice cream or with your hands, we sculpt small round sweets. And put them in the refrigerator.

Step 4: prepare sprinkling.

Using a sieve, sift the cocoa powder over a plate. And the remaining chocolate, which we saved at the beginning, is broken into slices and melted in a water bath. As soon as all the chocolate has melted, set it aside. And we take out the formed round sweets from the refrigerator, Divide their number into two, we alternately lower one part with a fork into hot chocolate, take it out and put it on the foil. The main thing in this matter is speed. And the remaining sweets are gently sprinkled in cocoa powder. The resulting chocolate truffles are removed again in the refrigerator, so that the sweets are finally cooked, and the hot chocolate is frozen.

Step 5: Serve the Chocolate Truffles.

We take out the finished chocolate truffles from the refrigerator, put on a beautiful plate. We make freshly brewed tea or coffee and serve it. All lovers of real chocolate will appreciate your work. Our fragrant and delicious dessert is ready! Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - You can also prepare a chocolate mass for a girlfriend, melt the butter and cream and add to the crushed chocolate bar. To do this, it is better to rub the chocolate bar on a fine grater. Mix everything with a whisk until smooth, then cook according to the recipe.

- - Cream can be used with 20% fat content, the main thing is that the composition of truffles should contain real dark chocolate. And if you use only milk, most likely it will not harden at you. And sweets will not work.

- - You can use another sprinkle, such as coconut flakes or wafer crumbs.

- - If you have a beautiful candy mold, then you can use it. To do this, when the chocolate mass melt in a water bath, and put in the refrigerator. Next, get the sweets from the molds and decorate them to your taste.

- - You can supplement such sweets with nuts or dried fruits. Then you get assorted chocolate truffles.