Stuffed pasta

Ingredients for Stuffed Pasta

  1. Curd 0% fat 450 grams
  2. Pasta "Shell" large size 350 grams
  3. Mozzarella Cheese 150 grams
  4. Basil pesto sauce to taste
  5. Chicken egg 1 piece
  6. Fresh spinach to taste
  7. Vegetable oil 5 tablespoons
  8. Large tomato 7-9 pieces
  9. Garlic medium sized 2-3 cloves
  • Main ingredientsTomato, Cottage cheese, Pasta
  • Serving 7 servings
  • World CuisineItalian Cuisine


Coarse grater, Cutting board, Knife, Two deep bowls, Large pan, Tablespoon, Wooden spatula, Frying pan, Cooker, Oven, Refrigerator, Fine grater, Teaspoon, Deep baking dish, Garlic, Meat grinder or blender, Medium bowl, Colander, Flat Dish

Cooking Stuffed Pasta:

Step 1: prepare the tomatoes.

For this dish, it is best to take natural tomato paste, which we can independently cook at home! So, the first thing we put tomatoes in a deep bowl and pour them with boiling water. Leave the ingredient in this condition. for 10 minutesso that you can easily peel it off afterwards. We spread the processed vegetable on a cutting board and, having removed the base of the tomato with a knife, cut it into four parts. Then, using a meat grinder or a blender, grind the component to a state - mashed potatoes with slices. Therefore, if you use the first inventory, then be sure to take a large grate. If you have a blender at hand, then chop the ingredient in 2-3 speeds.

Step 2: prepare the garlic.

Using a knife, peel the garlic from the husks and chop it using the garlic.

Step 3: prepare the tomato paste.

We put the pan on a large fire and pour the tomato puree into the container. Add salt to taste and mix well with a wooden spatula. When small bubbles begin to appear on the surface of the tomato, make a small fire and boil the mixture 15-20 minutes. Thanks to this process, excess liquid will evaporate, and our paste will turn out to be thicker. Then add the chopped garlic, once again mix everything well with a spatula and prepare the dressing for some more time until the mass finally begins to become thick. Attention: Do not forget to constantly stir everything with a spatula so that the paste does not burn. You can also, before pouring chopped tomatoes, add a little vegetable oil to the pan. Set the finished tomato paste aside and give it time to brew.

Step 4: prepare the cottage cheese.

Before preparing the filling for the dish, it is necessary to prepare all the ingredients. Therefore, using a fine grater, grind the cottage cheese directly into a clean, deep bowl. Attention: Be sure to try to take soft, gentle cottage cheese. If there is a choice to add a gentle dairy product or low fat to the filling, be sure to choose the first option. Indeed, due to the structure and consistency of cottage cheese, the stuffed pasta will turn out to be unusually tasty!

Step 5: grind the cheese.

Using a coarse grater, grind Mozzarella cheese directly over a bowl of cottage cheese. Attention: Mozzarella is a young Italian cheese that gives many dishes a piquancy, what to speak of "pasta"! this cheese tastes a bit fresh, tender and slightly resilient in structure.

Step 6: prepare the spinach.

Rinse spinach leaves under running water. Using a knife on a cutting board, finely chop the ingredient and transfer immediately to a bowl of cheese and cottage cheese.

Step 7: prepare the filling.

We already have chopped spinach, cheese and cottage cheese. Add to them the basil pesto sauce and egg. We mix everything well with a tablespoon and put in the refrigerator to infuse and be sure to cool.

Step 8: boil the pasta.

Pour ordinary water into a pot and put on a big fire. When the water boils, make a medium heat, pour a few tablespoons of vegetable oil and lightly add water so that our ingredient does not stick to the walls and to the bottom of the container. Gently pour the pasta into the pan and gently mix them with the convex side of the spoon. Important: pay attention to the instructions for cooking pasta, as they can be formed from different varieties of flour, and therefore cook at different times. So, when the water begins to boil again, occasionally stirring with a spoon, boil the pasta 12 minutes. Then - turn off the burner and drain the water with the component through a colander. We wash the pasta several times under running cold water and put it on a flat dish to cool.

Step 9: Cook Stuffed Pasta.

Grease the sides and the base of the baking dish with the remaining vegetable oil. Attention: to prepare this dish, you need to take a deep form or a baking sheet so that you can place the pasta tightly to each other and in one layer, only then the dish will not dry out during the baking process. Using a teaspoon, spread our chilled filling in each pasta Shell and after - place the future dish on a baking sheet. Important: in order to start the pasta, it is necessary to open each Shell with your fingers so that it is easier to spread the filling inside. Pour all this beauty with a tablespoon of tomato paste, leveling it along the edges of the dish and trying to fill the openings between the Shells. Bake the dish in a preheated oven at a temperature 350 ° C during 30 minutes. Do not forget from time to time to check the degree of readiness of Stuffed Pasta - if pasta does not gurgle at the edges of the dish, then our hot is ready.

Step 10: Serve Stuffed Pasta.

When the Stuffed Pasta is ready, turn off the burner and leave the dish in the oven to cool slightly. In the meantime, you can do table setting. We got a real Italian dinner, which is appropriate to serve with a glass of your favorite wine, preferably dry. Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - If you have not found Pasta in the form of "Shells", do not be discouraged. An excellent substitute will be pasta "Tubules"!

- - Pesto sauce from the basil can be found in the supermarket or in the store. If you did not find such a component of the dish, then you can cook it yourself. To do this, you need 2 bunches of basil, a bunch of parsley, 80 grams of Parmesan cheese, garlic, pine nuts, olive oil and salt to taste. Grind it all and mix in a blender until a homogeneous mass is formed. It will turn out a very tasty dressing, which can then be used in other dishes, for example, add it to baked chicken.

- - Be careful when cooking pasta! In no case do not digest the product, otherwise your dish will not work, and you will spend time in vain, as Shells in the baking process will begin to creep.

- - In addition to chopped garlic, you can add other spices to the tomato paste as you wish, to give the Stuffed Pasta spiciness and piquancy.