A fish

Fried tilapia

Ingredients for Cooking Tilapia Fried

  1. Tilapia (fillet, peeled and freshly frozen) 4 pieces
  2. Salt to taste
  3. Black pepper hammers to taste
  4. Ground allspice to taste
  5. Lemon 1 piece
  6. Chicken egg 2 pieces
  7. Wheat flour 3 tablespoons
  8. Ground breadcrumbs 3 tablespoons
  9. Vegetable oil 100 grams
  • Main ingredients
  • Serving 4 servings
  • World Cuisine


Plate - 2 pieces, Kitchen paper towels, Cutting board, Knife, Deep plate - 2 pieces, Whisk, Stove, Frying pan, Wooden spatula, Dish or plate

Cooking fried tilapia:

Step 1: prepare the fish.

First, prepare the fish. If you bought fresh fish, you need to clean it with a knife from the scales, cut off the entrails of the head, remove the ridge from the bones, remove the skin and cut into fillets. Wash the finished fillet again, wipe with kitchen paper towels and lay on a plate. If you, like me, have purchased a tilapia fillet in frozen form, put it in a bowl with ordinary cold running water and thaw in this way for 20-30 minutes. Then remove the thawed fillet from the water, wipe the fish with a paper towel from excess moisture and place on a plate. Now there are two options for further preparation of fish, it can be cut into portioned slices or fry the whole fillet. I advocate that the portions should be bigger, so I don’t cut the fillet into pieces, but fry them whole, not cut, they look much more beautiful and appetizing. And so we got 4 tilapia fillets, it's time to start further cooking.

Step 2: season the fish.

In order for the fish to be fresh, with a pleasant aroma and taste, it must be seasoned. We take salt to taste and rub it with a fish. Then in a plate we mix black and allspice ground peppers and sprinkle them with fillet on both sides. We wash one lemon under running water and wipe paper towels from excess moisture. On a cutting board, cut a lemon with a knife into two halves, put one of them aside, it will be useful to us in order to decorate our dish. From the second half, squeeze the juice with your hand directly onto the fish seasoned with spices. Squeeze the juice so that it is enough on both sides of the pieces. Set the fish aside and let it marinate in this form for 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 3: beat the eggs and prepare the fish for frying.

In order to make the fish more tasty, hearty and airy, we need raw chicken eggs. Take 2 eggs, break them with a knife over a deep plate, throw out the shell and beat the eggs with whisk until foam. Take another clean deep plate and mix in it with a spoon 3 tablespoons sifted wheat flour and 3 tablespoons ground breadcrumbs. The fillet of marinated tilapia is enveloped in the resulting mixture so that the pieces are completely covered with it. And leave in bowls with mixture on 2-3 minutes turning it on one or on the second barrel so that grains of flour and breadcrumbs stick to the surface. When the fish is completely covered with a crust of flour - crackers, transfer it to a plate. Tilapia is ready for roasting.

Step 4: fry tilapia.

On the stove, turned on to a strong level, put the pan and heat it. After the pan is heated, carefully pour 100 grams of vegetable oil onto its bottom, heat it for 1 minute and put the tilapia fillets prepared for frying in the pan. Fry each side of the fish 3 -4 minutes, turning it over with a wooden spatula. Tilapia fries fast enough, after about 7 - 8 minutes the fish will be covered with a rosy brown, uniform, crust and a pleasant aroma of fried fish will spread throughout the kitchen. We put the finished fish on a plate and decorate with slices or rings cut from the remaining half of the lemon.

Step 5: serve the fried tilapia.

Fried telapia served hot on a dish. It is decorated with slices or rings of lemon. Garnish can be served with a salad of fresh vegetables, boiled rice, fried or boiled potatoes. With such a fish you can pamper yourself and your family at least every day. An easy-to-prepare recipe that does not require huge labor and time-consuming tasks will help you find time to relax and at the same time enjoy great food as if you were having a meal in a restaurant. I hope fried tilapia came to your taste. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - In this way you can fry any boneless fish.

- - If you are not confused by the smell of sea fish, you can not sprinkle tilapia fillets with lemon juice.

- - If at the time of preparation of the fried tilapia you have no wheat flour or bread crumbs on hand, use one or flour or bread crumbs. You can also use corn flour or grind slices of bread in a blender, having previously cut the crusts from them.

- - For this dish you can use any other spices you like.

- - If you took tilapia fresh and don’t want to cut it into fillets, just clean it from scales, entrails, cut off the head, fins, tail, and then following the recipe, fry it whole, or cut it into portions beforehand.

- - Such sauces as tomato, apricot, cracker, egg, garlic, mustard and many others are perfect for this dish.

- - If you do not have a whisk for beating eggs, you can use a fork.

- - For frying fish, you can use such types of oil as olive, corn or cream