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Ingredients for Julep

  1. Mineral water 1 liter
  2. 1 medium lemon or lime
  3. Fresh mint 2-3 sprigs
  4. Sugar to taste
  • Main ingredientsLemon
  • Serving 3 servings


Scoop, Blender, Juicer, Cutting board, Knife, Kitchen paper towels, Small bowl, Tablespoon, High wide glasses - 4 pieces, Freezer refrigerator, Sieve, Kitchen table, Large bowl

Cooking julep:

Step 1: prepare the mint for the drink.

First, wash each leaf of mint under running water. After - leave the ingredient in a small bowl with cold plain water. In the meantime, we cover the kitchen table with paper towels and after that we lay out the washed sprigs of mint on them so that they can drain water. When the component dries, put it on a cutting board and grind it into small pieces with a knife. We shift the crushed mint into a blender. Attention: We also place the stems of the plant in the instrument’s bowl, as they are very fragrant and juicy, therefore they will give our drink a special freshness. We pour a small amount of mineral water into the blender, so that we get the real mint puree in the process. As for mineral water: mint julep is prepared on its basis, so the choice of this ingredient is very important. Everyone knows that mineral water is a healing drink. In addition, it has useful properties in the kitchen. For example, if you pour a spoonful of mineral water into the batter, it will certainly become more magnificent, and the dishes will be softer. Also, if you need to spread red caviar on bread and butter, this assistant is also mineral water! Adding a small spoon of this product in a jar and mixing everything carefully, the caviar will be evenly distributed on the bread. In this case, the eggs will not stick together and glide on the butter. In a word, mineral water can and should not only be drunk, but also used in every way in cooking. So, adding a little water of your favorite brand to the blender, mix it with slices of mint until pureed. Use the blender in turbo mode for 1-2 minutes. Pour the mint syrup into a deep bowl using a sieve. This tool must be used so that pieces of the ingredient do not come across in the drink. So, pour a little mint liquid into the sieve, kneading it with a tablespoon so that the thick mixture can get into the bowl.

Step 2: prepare lemon with sugar.

You can add lemon and lime to Julep. These citrus ingredients are interesting in their own way and add aroma and acidity to the drink. True, lime also gives the drink a barely noticeable bitterness, but this also has its own peculiarity and unique taste. Rinse the citrus ingredient well under running water. Using a knife on a cutting board, cut it into two halves. Immediately with a knife, cut four pieces to decorate our drink. And with the remaining lemon slices squeeze the juice using a juicer. If such equipment is not at hand, do not be discouraged! The ingredient can be squeezed and hands. True, then you will need to take a few lemons, as manually juice will turn out less than using a juicer. Pour the juice into a small bowl and add sugar there with a tablespoon. We take sugar at our discretion. In the summer, it is recommended to drink soft drinks without any sweet ingredients whatsoever, so that you can quench your thirst and feel the taste of all the ingredients. If sugar turned out more than lemon juice and, he absorbed it, you can add a few tablespoons of mineral water. After - mix the ingredients well with a spoon until the sugar grains dissolve.

Step 3: Cooking Julep

We pour sugar-lemon liquid into mint puree, add necessarily cold mineral water and with a tablespoon we mix all the components until all the components of Julep begin to represent externally one component.

Step 4: serving julep.

There is a very important point! In general, the name of this drink comes from the Arabic word "julab", which means "pink water". Although this name does not correspond to the purpose of this drink in ancient times. After all, Julep at one time was a syrup with water in which the drugs were dissolved. And only with time they began to serve it not as a conspiracy of medicines, but as a drink worthy of taking an honorable place in the menu of restaurants and bars. At first it was served in silver beer mugs with lids, and only now you can enjoy not only the taste, but also the appearance of this drink. Therefore, for starters, very It is important to cool the containers in the refrigerator’s freezer until frost is formed on the surface of the glasses. And only after that we pour our drink into the container with a scoop. When serving, glasses can be decorated with a slice of lemon and a few leaves of mint. I am sure that thirst and heat will be defeated from just one glance at this delicious, beautiful, chilled and refreshing drink! Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - Julep is also fruity. To prepare it, you will need fruit or fruit juice to taste in any quantity. Such components as apple and pomegranate, cherry and birch juices, grapes and strawberries, as well as peach and pineapple (canned) combine and give unforgettable pleasure.

- - Instead of cold mineral water, crushed ice from the same water can be added. To do this, you just need to put ice cubes in the blender bowl and grind in 2-3 modes.

- - Mint syrup is one of the most important ingredients of the drink. Therefore, if you decide to make Julep, try to use only fresh mint. It is fragrant and gives the drink an excellent coolness. You can, of course, take a ready-made peppermint syrup and add 2-3 tablespoons to a container with Julep. But the taste will not be the same!

- - In Julep, you can add both water with gas, and without gas. The main thing is that it be mineral!