Chicken Kharcho

Chicken Kharcho

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Chicken Kharcho Ingredients

  1. 250 g chicken fillet
  2. carrots one piece
  3. green onion 50 g
  4. rice 200 g
  5. garlic one clove
  6. seasoning for kharcho soup to taste
  7. salt and pepper to taste to taste
  8. tomato paste one tablespoon. (For lack of pasta, you can also take half a glass of tomato juice, which must first be boiled)
  • Main Ingredients Chicken, Rice
  • Serving 5 servings
  • World Cuisine


Casserole, Stove, Knife

Making chicken kharcho:

Step 1: take the chicken fillet.

First cut the chicken into medium-sized pieces. If you take a frozen filet, I recommend that you do not defrost it until the end. The fillet will be much faster and easier to cut slightly frozen. It’s not very convenient for me to cut a completely thawed fillet, it literally spreads under my fingers and a knife, which takes a lot of time and sometimes patience.

Step 2: cook rice and chicken.

Rinse the rice thoroughly under cold water. After that we put a pot of water on the fire. Once the water has boiled, you can throw pieces of chicken and rice into it. At this point, you can add a little salt, but remember that as the liquid evaporates, the broth may become more salty than you previously calculated.

Step 3: cut the carrots.

While the meat and rice are cooked, we do not bother them, but cut the carrots in medium circles. If in your bins only large carrots were found, then cut it into half rings.

Step 4: fry the carrots.

The next step depends on your preference. Sliced ​​carrots can be immediately thrown into boiling water for rice and chicken, but I prefer to fry it in vegetable oil first for greater color saturation of the soup being prepared.

Step 5: saute the onion, garlic, tomato paste.

Also fry finely chopped garlic, tomato paste and green onions in a pan. You can add onions and green to the soup. In the first case, you will need one small onion, in the second - you will achieve a more elegant and beautiful broth. As I said above, if there was no pasta at home, but there was tomato juice not finished by the children and the husband, then you can use it. Preliminarily, half a glass of tomato juice is a little boil over the fire, then stew with the above ingredients.

Step 6: cook rice with chicken.

Chicken rice cooked in about ten minutes.

Step 7: add onion and pasta.

Add onions with garlic and pasta, carrots fried in oil and cook for another two minutes.

Step 7: add seasoning.

In large stores you can find many seasonings for all occasions. If you managed to find a seasoning for making kharcho soup, then add it. In the absence of a special seasoning, it can be easily replaced with parsley, paprika and suneli hops.

Step 8: serve.

That's all! The aroma of cooked soup, most likely, without your help, will call all your household to the table. It remains only to serve soup in brothones or deep plates, sprinkled with herbs on top. I cook greens in the summer at the dacha and freeze it. Literally three bunches of parsley and dill are more than enough for the whole winter. To kharcho soup you can serve croutons - slices of bread fried in vegetable oil, or crackers - slices of bread or bread, dried in the oven. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - They don’t put potatoes in kharcho

- - The highlight of this kharcho is a bit of CORN flour. For density and taste.

- - It is better to serve hot, and with white pita bread or loaf.


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