Stewed Plums

Ingredients for making compote from plums

Ingredients for making compote from plums:

  1. Plums red 1000 grams.

To prepare the syrup, we need:

  1. Granulated sugar 250 grams.
  2. Water 650 ml per 500 grams drain.
  • Main Ingredients Plum
  • Serving 4-6
  • World Cuisine


A huge bowl or basin for plums, A large pan for water, A large pan for syrup, A large wooden spoon, Knife, A can for rolling up cans, Lids for rolling, A stove, A kitchen towel, Jars for compote

Cooking compote from plums:

Step 1: Prepare the drains for rolling up.

We take the prepared plums, carefully inspect them for cracks, affected areas or purulent places. If any, the fetus should be discarded or used in another suitable recipe, but in no case should it be used for conservation. Firstly, the compote can ferment because of this, and secondly, banks can explode during long-term storage. Selected plums in excellent condition thoroughly wash my prod with running water, then we get rid of the stalks. There are three types of compote preparation: very light and a little laborious. A very easy way is that whole plums with peel are poured with syrup and compote is obtained. The second method involves peeling plums, and it is also considered a little time-consuming, since all plums will need to be cut into floors if necessary, remove a bone from each fruit, and only then put the fruits in jars for further preservation.

Step 2: prepare a compote of whole plums with peel.

This method is most common, as compote prepared in this way is prepared easily and quickly. With this option, the preparation of compote of the plum needs to be cleaned of the stalks, washed thoroughly and laid on a kitchen towel so that water can drain from them. When the plums dry, they can be put in prepared clean jars. When preparing stewed plums, you can use the accelerated method. Its meaning lies mainly in the fact that plum fruits are first immersed in minutes 8-13 in boiling syrup, after which the plums are taken out and transferred directly to the banks. Then fill them with the same syrup and do not sterilize. The same plum is taken first 10-15 minutes boil in boiling water, then put in jars and then pour boiling syrup.

Step 3: prepare the compote from whole plums without skin.

Plum fruits are immersed completely in boiling water and, as soon as the plum peel begins to crack and burst, they are immediately taken out with a slotted spoon and lowered into a pre-prepared basin with cold water. Then, with a knife, peel is easily removed. Then the plums are immediately placed in the prepared jars and poured with sugar syrup.

Step 4: prepare a compote of halves of plums with peel.

To prepare this compote, plum fruits are most often canned, so to speak, in their own juice with a little sugar. Sugar is added in the following proportion: 50-80 grams granulated sugar on 1 liter jar. If you decide to close the compote without sugar, then in the prepared jar they pour everything 1-2 tablespoons of water. Compote made of plums made in this way is always mainly used as a filling. Then, selected, washed and dried plums are cut into halves with a sharp knife. In this case, it is not necessary to completely separate one half of the plum from the other. Then, the bones are taken out from the inside and such cut fruits are placed in the prepared clean jar with the cut plum surface down, trying to place as many plums as possible. Now the entire contents of such a jar should be filled in a little syrup.

Step 5: prepare a compote of halves of plums without skin.

It should be poured with specially prepared syrup. So, we cut each ripe fruit with a strong skin in half, remove the seeds from the inside, and put all the halves in jars that are prepared for canning in accordance with all the rules - that is, they are all clean, boiled and dry. Plum halves are placed in jars only with a chopped surface down and pour hot sugar syrup on top.

Step 6: prepare syrup for compote.

Consider the main methods of preparing syrup for each type of compote preparation. For plum compotes consisting of whole plum halves without peel required 500 grams granulated sugar in ratio 1 liter water. For compote, plum should not be taken from peeled fruits 400 grams granulated sugar respectively 1 liter water, and for stewed fruit using overripe plums, just enough 300 grams granulated sugar. For the preparation of syrup for pouring halves of plum fruit without the skin onto the necessary 1 liter water should be added 40 grams instant gelatin, which must first be dissolved in a small bowl in warm water.

Step 5: sterilization.

In addition to processing plums, as well as preparing syrup, attention should be paid to the sterilization of cans with compote. So, the whole fruits of plums with peels, which are filled with sugar syrup, it is customary to sterilize during 15 minutes at 80 degrees Celsius, whole plums or half-skinless plums - sterilize 20 minutes at the same temperature as for the halves of the drains that are closed in their own juice with or without sugar at all, should be sterilized altogether 45 minutes with the same 80 degrees or 35 minutes at temperature in 85 degrees.

Step 6: serve the compote from the plums.

All closed jars with compote are advised to turn down the neck after sterilization and break-in. Then it is desirable to store them in some kind of warm place. A jar of any plum compote according to this recipe, opened on a cool winter evening, will bring a lot of pleasure not only to you, but to your whole family. And this is not to mention its benefits. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - for the preparation of compote, you should take ripe, but not very firm fruits, it is best to take a sort of Hungarian plum or greengage green. But other varieties of plums will do.

- - stewed fruit, prepared in an easy way, namely when rolling whole plums, can be used in the future and as a filling for various baking.

- - if the fruits of the plums are very dirty or dusty, they should be washed in warm water.

- - By the way, if you want to give the compote a delicate aroma, we recommend adding a few spoons of rum to it.