Tongue soup

Tongue soup

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Ingredients for Making Tongue Soup

  1. calf tongue one piece
  2. raw smoked sausage 150 grams
  3. meat 300 grams
  4. round grain rice 100 grams
  5. pickles three pieces
  6. capers to taste
  7. onions one piece
  8. tomato paste to taste
  9. pitted olives twenty pieces
  • Key Ingredients
  • Serving 5 servings
  • World Cuisine


Casserole, Frying Pan, Knife, Stove

Making soup from the tongue:

Step 1: take the meat and calf tongue.

We put the meat and veal tongue in a deep pan and cook until they are ready. At this time, thoroughly rinse the rice and fill it with water so that it waits until its time. Sometimes I fill it with hot water, then the rice soon comes to readiness.

Step 2: Cook the roast.

A grill for soup is prepared as follows. In vegetable oil, fry the chopped onion before it becomes transparent. We add chopped cucumbers here, give a little time for the brew to stew on the fire. Curiously, in the original recipe, my grandmother recommended that I stew each ingredient separately. But I’m always busy and not wanting to make such a number of movements, then wash a bunch of greasy dishes, this advice did not appeal to me. I don’t even want to try this for the sake of experiment, moreover, the final result is impressive.

Step 3: add broth and other ingredients.

To the cucumbers and onions, add a little broth from the pan, where meat and tongue are cooked at that time, then tomato paste, olives and crushed capers. As for capers: for a long time I was not aware of what lies behind this word, obviously of non-Russian origin. In the spice shop, the talkative seller explained to me that capers are the flower buds of the caper bush, which are a great addition to food. Now I buy them quite often, most often add to sauces. I like the tart, slightly pungent taste that they add to the finished dishes.

Step 4: cut the tongue.

After this lyrical digression, we return to the soup cooking on the stove. While the sauce is stewed on the stove, we get the finished tongue and meat from the saucepan. We clean the veal tongue from the skin, cut into cubes with meat, cut the sausage into small circles. Fresh sausage gives the soup such a rich aroma that it is impossible to resist!

Step 5: pour the rice.

Pour rice and sliced ​​meat products into the broth. Then we cook only until rice is ready.

Step 6: boil the soup.

Once the rice is ready, add the contents of the pan to the soup, continue to simmer it for ten minutes. For a better taste, I added pickle pickles to the soup, but, following my grandmother's assurances, the juice from olives as an additive is also great. Oh, our grandmothers who are not spoiled by delicacies, will find use for everything!

Step 7: Serve the soup from the tongue :.

Soup served in deep plates with olives, sour cream and a circle of lemon. The dish is luxurious! Perfect for meeting guests, as a festive dish and, of course, for dinner with your family. Let the last point be the highest priority for you, and you will please your loved ones with especially delicious embodiments of recipes more than once! Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - You can serve a pie with vegetable filling with soup.

- - Ready soup can also be sprinkled with finely chopped herbs.

- - Soup should be served on the table as the first hot dish.