Apple lasagna

Apple lasagna

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Ingredients for Apple Lasagna

  1. Cottage cheese (20% fat) 500 grams.
  2. Apples 3 pieces.
  3. Lasagna Plates 250 grams.
  4. Applesauce 360 ​​grams.
  5. Sour cream (any fat content) 150 grams.
  6. Milk (any fat content) 125 grams.
  7. Butter 30 grams.
  8. Brown sugar 30 grams.
  • Main IngredientsApple, Cottage Cheese
  • Serving 5 servings
  • World CuisineItalian Cuisine


Knife, Cutting board, Bowl, Spoon, Towel, Rectangular baking dish, Serving plates, Oven

Cooking apple lasagna:

Step 1: prepare the filling.

Put the cottage cheese in a bowl and break the eggs into it. Add sour cream, milk, sugar and mix with a spoon until smooth. Divide the mass into 4 equal servings.

Step 2: prepare the apples.

Rinse apples thoroughly under running running water and pour boiling water over them. Then wipe dry with a towel. Cut the apples into halves with a knife and cut the core. Cut into slices on a cutting board. Optionally, you can also peel apples. Sliced ​​apples are divided into three portions. Several slices of apples can be left to decorate the finished lasagna.

Step 3: prepare apple lasagna.

Lubricate the rectangular baking dish with butter and lay out the sheets of lasagna. We spread one part of the curd mass on them with a spoon, then one third of the apple jam and one part of the cut apples. Then we cover everything with sheets of lasagna and repeat the layers two more times. On the last layer of sheets of lasagna spread the rest of the curd, sprinkle it with brown sugar and cinnamon, and lay out pieces of butter. Preheat the oven up to 180 degrees. Bake apple lasagna in a preheated oven, and flow 45 minutes. Ready climb let cool a little in shape.

Step 4: serve apple lasagna.

Cut apple lasagna with a knife into portion pieces and spread with a spatula on plates. Serve with warm lasagna for tea or coffee, garnished with sour cream and apple slices. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - You can use homemade applesauce. You will need 750 grams of apples, 50 grams of granulated sugar, 5 tablespoons of water. Peel the apples and cut the core. We cut them into small pieces and put them in a saucepan with water. On high heat, bring the mass to a boil, then reduce the heat and cook on low heat. Wipe the resulting mass through a sieve, add granulated sugar and mix.

- - If you do not have applesauce, then you can prepare lasagna without this layer.

- - Sour cream can be replaced with thick cream.

- - According to this recipe, you can also cook lasagna from plums, apricots, peaches.

- - Lasagna sheets can be pre-boiled in a pot of boiling water until cooked. Slices of apples can also be pre-extinguished in a pan with butter.