Ketchup with basil and celery

Ketchup with basil and celery

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Ingredients for Cooking Ketchup with Basil and Celery

  1. Tomatoes (ripe) 2 kilograms;
  2. Onion 2 pieces;
  3. Granulated sugar 125 grams;
  4. Apple (preferably green) 1 piece;
  5. Basil (dry or fresh chopped with a knife) - 1 tablespoon;
  6. Celery (with leaves) 2 sprigs (or 1.5 dessert spoons of dry);
  7. Black pepper (ground) 1/2 teaspoon;
  8. Clove 3 buds;
  9. Vinegar (9%) 400 milliliters;
  10. Salt to taste.
  • Main ingredients: Tomato, Celery
  • Serving 10 Servings
  • World CuisineAsian, Oriental


Knife ;, Cutting board ;, Casserole ;, Cooker ;, Sterilized cans ;, Lids for sterilization ;, Wooden spatula ;, Bowl.

Cooking ketchup with basil and celery:

Step 1: Wash and clean the vegetables.

All vegetables are thoroughly washed. We tear off green cuttings from tomatoes, do not make a deep cruciform incision with a sharp knife on their flesh. Dip the tomatoes in hot water (about 1 minute), take out, remove the skin, cut into two parts and remove the seeds.

Step 2: Wash, peel and chop the apple and onion.

Peel the onion, rinse. Wash the apple, peel it, we cut in half, remove the seeds. Cut apple and onion as finely as possible.

Step 3: Heat vinegar, sugar and seasonings.

Vinegar, sugar and spices are put in a saucepan, set on low heat and bring to a boil, stirring constantly for dissolution granulated sugar.

Step 4: Add the prepared ingredients to the marinade.

We spread tomatoes, onions, and apples in a marinade and cook for 45 minutes (on average, and 10 minutes before cooking - on medium-low heat), often stirring with a wooden spatula so as not to burn.

Step 5: Sterilize the jars.

We sterilize the jars over the steam of a boiling kettle, with a closed spout (for 10-15 minutes) or in a double boiler, using the appropriate settings.

Step 6: Pour the ketchup into the cans.

Pour the finished mass into sterilized, dry jars in hot form and close with sterilized lids. Properly cooked ketchup with basil and celery can be stored until spring. Store in a cool place.

Recipe Tips:

- - You can sterilize a jar by sprinkling it with boiling water several times, and then completely pouring it into it for three minutes;

- - Lids during canning are sterilized by boiling in boiling water for two minutes;

- - Sterilizing cans in the oven involves the following steps. We very thoroughly wash the jar, pour out the remaining water from it, put the jars upside down in the oven (which we heat up to 150 degrees). We keep banks there for 15 minutes.