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Tender cabbage pie

Tender cabbage pie

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Ingredients for Making Tender Cabbage Pie

  1. Sour cream (fat) 200 gr.
  2. Mayonnaise (with a neutral taste) 200 gr.
  3. Premium wheat flour 200 gr.
  4. Sugar 1 teaspoon
  5. Dough baking powder 1 sachet
  6. Chicken egg 6 pcs.
  7. White cabbage 500 gr.
  8. Onion 1 pc.
  9. Vegetable oil 3 tbsp. spoons
  10. Salt and black pepper to taste
  • Main ingredients: Cabbage, Flour
  • Portion 6-8
  • World Cuisine


Bowl, Cutting board, Knife, Frying pan, Wooden spatula, Saucepan, Whisk, Plate, Baking tray, Oven, Dish

Cooking the most delicious cabbage pie:

Step 1: Cook the jellied dough.

Whisk in a bowl with a whisk 3 eggs with sugar and salt to taste. Next, add sour cream and mayonnaise to them, after which we carefully mix the ingredients. Sift the flour through a sieve and baking powder and mix this mixture in sour cream and egg mass. Thus, we knead a gentle dough of uniform consistency: without lumps.

Step 2: Cooking the filling.

3 eggsintended for filling, it is necessary to boil in slightly salted water for 10 minutesthen fill them with cold water and cool in this way. Then we clear them of the shell and cut into small cubes. From the head of cabbage we remove the upper leaves, after which we wash it in the reins and finely chop. Onions are also cleaned and washed, after which we cut into thin half rings or cubes. Pour a little vegetable oil into the pan, then put it on medium heat. Heat the oil and add the onion to it. Fry it, stirring occasionally, for several minutes until a delicate golden hue. Next, send chopped cabbage to the onion and simmer it over medium heat 5-7 minutes. Remember to stir it occasionally so that it does not burn. At the end of cooking, cabbage must be salt and pepper, then mix it with chopped boiled eggs.

Step 3: We form and bake the product.

We grease the baking sheet with oil, after which we spread two thirds of the test mass on it. Spread it with a spoon over the entire surface of the mold. On this layer we lay out the cooled egg-cabbage filling, after which we cover it with an even layer of the remaining dough. Preheat the oven to a temperature 200 degrees and bake the product 30-40 minutes.

Step 4: Serve the most delicious cabbage pie.

In warm or chilled form, cut the pie into portioned pieces and serve on the table for tea or as a snack. In my family, they like to eat such a pie instead of bread with a variety of soups and even broths. They are truly unmatched in truth. Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - You can check the readiness of the cake with a simple match. To do this, pierce the baked cake with it: if there are no pieces of dough left on the match, and it easily enters into it, then the dish is ready. Otherwise, the product must be kept in the oven for some time.

- - In order for the dough to bake evenly and well, it is necessary to very clearly observe the temperature regime, and also in the first 20 minutes of cooking, open the oven door as little as possible so that cold air does not enter.

- - As a sauce for the pie, you can use sour cream, any creamy or tomato version.

- - On a dish, you can decorate the pie with lettuce leaves or with sprigs of fresh parsley or dill.