Potato gratin

Potato gratin

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Potato Gratin Ingredients

  1. Potato 1 kg
  2. Cream (over 30% fat content) 200 ml
  3. Milk (any fat content) 1 cup
  4. Garlic 3-4 cloves
  5. Salt to taste
  6. Ground black pepper to taste
  7. Rosemary 2-3 sprigs
  8. Hard cheese (preferably parmesan) 100 g
  9. Butter for form lubrication
  • Main Ingredients: Potato, Cheese, Cream
  • Serving 4 servings
  • World CuisineFrench Cuisine


Knife, Cutting board, Garlic press, Glass, Tablespoon, Baking dish, Stove, Oven, Baking tray or wire rack, Serving dish, Grater, Flat plate, Fork or whisk, Deep plate, Baking foil, Culinary spatula, Tacks

Cooking Potato Gratin:

Step 1: Prepare the ingredients.

The potatoes should be washed thoroughly with running water, and then peeled and peeled. Peeled potatoes need to be cut into thin slices. It will take enough time, effort and concentration, however, try to cut equally thinly. Peel the garlic and squeeze it with a garlic squeezer into a separate plate. We wash rosemary with running water. You can chop the twigs, or you can leave it as is, unchanged. Hard cheese must be grated on a fine grater. Why parmesan is best for gratin - it forms a perfectly crisp.

Step 2: Prepare the dressing for gratin.

So, mix in a deep plate fat cream and milk, chopped garlic, as well as salt and pepper to taste. Beat the dressing with a whisk or fork to evenly distribute the ingredients.

Step 3: Cook the potato gratin.

We need a baking dish that we thoroughly grease with butter. In order not to get your hands dirty, use a piece of cling film or parchment. Turn on the oven for a while up to 190 degrees, and start filling out the baking dish. We begin to lay out thinly sliced ​​potato plates in layers so that the potato plates slightly overlap. On the sides of the form we place sprigs of rosemary, and then fill the potatoes with the freshly prepared dressing.

Step 4: Bake potato gratin.

Cover the baking dish with still raw gratin with foil and put it in the preheated oven. Bake a dish about 40-50 minutesand then we get out the form. Remove the foil and sprinkle gratin with grated cheese. Try to distribute it as evenly as possible to get a crisp on the surface of the whole dish. Send the baking dish back to the oven yet for 10-15 minutes. After that, the oven can be turned off, and the form with gratin removed, and let it cool slightly before serving.

Step 5: Serve the finished potato gratin.

While gratin is baked, you will have time to cook the main course as well. What will it be, you decide! Cutlets, both fish and meat, and simply fried pieces of meat, are suitable for such a wonderful side dish. Gratin is served warm as a side dish, but it is also good as an independent dish. Cut it before serving into portioned pieces and arrange on plates using a cooking spatula. The dish is very fragrant and delicate, you, your household and guests will definitely like it! Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - For the preparation of gratin, young potatoes are ideal - it cooks faster and has a much more delicate taste. - You can serve gratin as a self-made dish with a side dish of a salad of fresh vegetables.

- - Gratin can be prepared not only from potatoes, but also from other vegetables - cabbage, eggplant, pumpkin, zucchini, and even berries!

- - To make it easier to grate the cheese, hold it first in the freezer for 5-10 minutes.

- - If you do not like rosemary, replace this ingredient with other spices. Ground nutmeg is good.