Steamed vegetables

Steamed vegetables

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Steamed Vegetable Ingredients

  1. Potato 500 grams;
  2. Carrots 200 grams;
  3. Onions 100 grams;
  4. Beets 400 grams;
  5. Greens (dill, parsley, chives); taste
  6. Bay leaf 2-3 pieces;
  7. Black pepper, peas 5 pieces;
  8. Mayonnaise 50 grams;
  9. Bouillon cubes 2 pcs;
  10. 2 cloves of garlic;
  11. Water (from the tap) 2 liters
  • Main Ingredients: Potato, Carrot
  • Serving 5 servings
  • World Cuisine


Double boiler (or colander with pan) ;, Knife ;, Cutting board ;, Grater ;, Cooker.

Steaming vegetables:

Step 1: Cook the broth.

2 broth cubes (Maggie, Rollton, etc.) must be diluted in water. This will give our vegetables a more pleasant taste. If you are not a fan of seasonings, you can not add them. Pour the broth into a double boiler and put it to warm up (before starting the vegetables, reduce the fire to medium or small).

Step 2: Peel and cut the beets.

The first, a long-boiling beet, which was peeled and cut into slices (about 2 cm thick), is launched into a boiling pressure cooker.

Step 3: Peel and cut the carrots.

The carrots for the double boiler are thoroughly peeled and cut diagonally. The thickness of one oval is 0.5 cm. Carrots are added to the double boiler after 20-25 minutes after beets.

Step 4: Peel and add the potatoes.

The potato is peeled and cut in circles, with a thickness of approximately 0.7-1 cm. This ingredient is added through 10 minutes after carrots.

Step 5: Peel and add the onion.

Onions, peeled and chopped into approximately 4 parts, are sent after the potatoes (after 5 minutes). If you are not a fan of onions, you can add it to boiling water, then vegetables will fill it aroma, but you don’t have to eat it. At the same time, bay leaves and peppercorns can be put in the broth.

Step 6: We take out the vegetables.

When the total cooking time has reached approximately 1 hour 20 minutes, you can open the lid of the double boiler and check the readiness of vegetables with a fork. If they are soft - everything is ready, if they are harsh inside - it is necessary to add.

Step 7: Serve the steamed vegetables.

Steamed vegetables are served according to their intended use. Someone - makes a salad out of them, someone - sprinkles with vegetable oil or melts a piece of butter in them. You can rub the beets and carrots on a medium grater, add mayonnaise, garlic, and slightly salt. Put this mixture on circles of boiled potatoes, and on top decorate with a sprig of dill and a drop of mayonnaise. Another option is to cut the potatoes into cubes, rub the garlic on it, add the greens and a slice of butter. Around beautifully spread out carrots, fresh cucumber (sliced ​​diagonally), slices of boiled fresh onions. You can experiment with the addition of meat, sausages or sausages. There are many variations - the taste is always wonderful! Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - Almost any vegetable can be steamed, however, the main criterion for success is its freshness, so make a choice in the direction of recently harvested vegetables and root crops;

- - The time and method of preparation for different vegetables varies. For example, legumes and small potatoes are cooked whole, carrots, beets and large potatoes are cut before cooking. Cabbage and spinach are cooked faster with individually sorted leaves;

- - If you plan to cook a lot of different vegetables for a couple, they must first be washed, cut and arranged in bowls. Lay the products in a double boiler sequentially, i.e. at the required cooking time for a certain type of vegetables;

- - It is not recommended to take vegetables directly from a colander or lattice (on which vegetables were prepared), as this can lead to serious thermal burns to the skin;

- - The ideal "readiness" of vegetables during a gas off is a slight "crunching" inside, which will stop after 5-10 minutes of standing idle under the lid (when the fire is off).