Homemade Salad

Homemade Salad

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Ingredients for making homemade salad

  1. Cooked sausage 150 grams
  2. Processed cheese (packing) 1 piece
  3. 4 eggs
  4. Fresh cucumbers (medium sizes) 2 pieces
  5. Radish (medium size) 8-12 pieces
  6. Green onion 1 bunch
  7. Parsley 1 bunch
  8. Dill greens 1 bunch
  9. Sour cream 20-25% fat or mayonnaise 67% fat to taste
  10. Salt to taste
  • Main ingredients: Sausage and sausages, Eggs
  • Serving 3 servings


Grater, Cutting board, Knife, Tablespoon, Deep pan, Salad bowl, Stove

Cooking homemade salad:

Step 1: prepare the eggs.

The only ingredient we need to cook is chicken eggs. And then in time it will take a bit. So, for starters, boil them. To do this, lay the eggs in a deep saucepan half filled with water. After boiling it is necessary to cook the ingredient yet 7-10 minutes. After - remove the container from the fire and immediately put it under cold water to cool the eggs. Thanks to this, it is convenient to remove the shell from them later. Well, immediately after that we clean the eggs and wash under running water so that there are no pieces of shell left. On a cutting board with a knife, grind the ingredient so that we get medium-sized cubes. In order not to use extra dishes once again, lay out the chopped eggs immediately in a salad bowl.

Step 2: prepare the sausage.

Now you need to deal with the sausage ingredient. In truth, this salad will be very tasty not only with sausage, but also with ham, and boiled chicken, and even without any meat ingredient (this is in case you are a vegetarian!). So, on the same cutting board with a knife, chop the sausage into cubes. The size of the resulting pieces does not matter much, it is rather a matter of taste. And then we spread the sausage to the eggs.

Step 3: prepare the cheese.

Now you need to grind the processed cheese with a grater. If someone does not like such a dairy product, then you can take hard cheese - this is a worthy replacement. The only advantage of the recommended ingredient according to the recipe is that it has a more delicate taste and just melts in your mouth. And in terms of gastronomic qualities, as for me, it is more combined with eggs and sausage. To whom it is convenient to use the tool on weight - we rub the cheese directly into the salad bowl.

Step 4: chop the greens and onions.

The aroma of herbs and onions will give our salad an unforgettable taste of summer and freshness. On a cutting board we chop one by one with a knife all these ingredients pre-treated under running water. We put everything in a salad bowl. It is not necessary to take a bunch of greens. It's a matter of taste. If you are not a fan of fresh ingredients in appetizers, then feel free to exchange them for pickles.

Step 5: chop the vegetables.

Now a couple more touches and the Homemade salad is ready! We wash the radish and cucumbers under running water. Let them dry for a while. And on a cutting board with a knife, grind the ingredients into quarters. The sizes of the pieces are what you need - and not large, and not too small. Put everything in a salad bowl.

Step 6: serve homemade salad.

We chopped all the ingredients and put them in a salad bowl. Now you need to slightly salt and add mayonnaise or sour cream. And now gently mix the chopped ingredients with a tablespoon. Important: do not overdo it with the liquid mass, so that your salad does not turn into a liquid mixture. Add mayonnaise or sour cream in small portions to the eye, constantly stirring with a spoon. Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - If you are not a fan of mayonnaise, add sour cream in small portions and only with a good percentage of fat content. After all, in the interaction of sour cream with fresh cucumber, basically the vegetable gives juice. Therefore, the taste of the salad can be spoiled. In any case, it is recommended immediately after preparing the salad "Home" to serve it to the table.

- - You can add any components to the Homemade salad and constantly experiment, improving its taste. After all, that’s why he’s home!

- - Instead of vegetables, you can add fresh bell pepper to the Homemade salad. He give the appetizer a subtle spicy aroma.