Kutia Rich

Kutia Rich

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Ingredients for Cooking Rich Kutia

  1. Wheat 1 cup
  2. Walnuts 100 grams
  3. Poppy 1 cup
  4. Raisins 100 grams
  5. Dried fruits (apples, pears, apricots, plums) 150 grams
  6. Sugar 4 tablespoons
  7. Honey 3 tablespoons
  8. Purified water 500 milliliters
  • Main IngredientsMillet and Wheat
  • Serving 4 servings
  • World Cuisine


Stove, Blender, Two deep pots, Deep bowl, Four deep plates, Cutting board, Knife, Sieve, Tablespoon, Deep plate

Cooking Kutia Rich:

Step 1: prepare wheat grains.

On Christmas Holy Evening, Rich Kutia must be on the table. This dish is prepared in the evening from January 6 to January 7, as well as January 13. Kutia is a traditional Slavic dish that reflects abundance and fertility. In order for kutia to turn out really tasty and festive, you need to know how to cook it correctly. Let's start preparing the main ingredient - wheat. First, we sort out the grains on the kitchen table and separate the spoiled ones from the good ones. After pouring the cereal into a deep bowl and rinse under running water. Fill with water so that it covers the wheat, and soak for 12 hours. If you have some free time left, then you can soak the grains all night. They swell from the water and become not so hard. Such wheat will be cooked twice as fast.

Step 2: cook the wheat grains.

In the morning, drain the remaining water from the soaked wheat. We shift it with a tablespoon of it from a bowl into a deep pan and fill it with fresh water. Stick to proportions. For example, for our recipe 100 milliliters of water per 100 grams of soaked wheat. Indeed, if there is a lot of grain, then it will be a pity to translate the product later. True, if you leave the wheat for a few more days in the water, then it will germinate and give small shoots. But you can cook a lot of dishes from this. So, put the pot of wheat on the stove, bring to a boil and only after that we fasten the fire to a minimum. Cook the cereal for at least two hours until fully cooked. Finished wheat by consistency should be soft, but not very boiled. Wheat grains in our dish symbolize long and eternal life, in abundance and kindness.

Step 3: prepare the uzvar.

While our wheat grains are being boiled, we are preparing an uzvar. We take dried fruits, rinse them under running water and then put them in a deep pot with water. Bring the whole mass to a boil over high heat. Immediately after boiling, we fasten the burner and let the mixture reach readiness over low heat 15 - 20 minutes. In five minutes until ready, add 2 tablespoons of sugar. We have prepared an uzvar. To make it more tasty and saturated, for this we insist it for another 4-5 hours.

Step 4: prepare dried fruits.

After the insect has been infused, we separate the liquid from the dried fruits. We spread the fruits in a sieve and let the residues of the uzvar drain. Put the finished dried fruit on a cutting board and chop it into small pieces with a knife. The size of the pieces does not really matter. Shredded dried fruits are transferred to a plate.

Step 5: prepare the poppy.

Put the poppy seeds on a plate and pour boiling water over it so that it is steamed. After the water in the poppy has cooled, drain it. Add two tablespoons of sugar to the poppy and grind it with a blender until white juice appears. This juice is called "poppy milk." In general, according to popular beliefs, poppy is a symbol of prosperity.

Step 6: prepare the raisins.

There is nothing complicated in preparing raisins. It is advisable that he be pitted. If there are grape tails in this ingredient, we clear the raisins from them. Then we wash it under running water, put it on a plate and pour it with boiling water. We steam raisins for 30 minutes. This process is needed so that the dried grapes absorb a little water, swell and become more juicy and soft. After - we merge the remains of water. Hands gently squeeze the raisins and leave it in a plate.

Step 7: prepare the nuts.

Using a blender in the first or second modes, grind peeled walnuts. In no case do not use turbo mode, as we need small pieces of the ingredient. And this mode turns any product into crumbs. We shift the nut pieces into a plate. By the way, according to Slavic customs, walnuts were added to kutya, as it was a symbol of fertility, productivity and good luck.

Step 8: combine all the ingredients of Kutya Rich.

Our kutia is almost ready! There are a few main touches left. Spread cooled ready-made wheat, raisins, chopped dried fruits, poppy seeds and nuts in a deep bowl. We season our mixture with honey and uzvar. Mix well with a spoon until a homogeneous mass is formed.

Step 9: serving rich Kuta.

A rich kutya must not only be put first on the table, but also invited guests to taste it, as this is the main dish on Holy Evening. Cold kuti is served with cream, milk or uzvar. Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - If you don’t have a blender at hand for chopping nuts, then you can use a rolling pin, or crush the nuts in a mortar, or chop them finely with a knife, or you can simply crack them with your hands.

- - During the preparation of the filling for kutya, you can grind poppy seeds with sugar in a mortar. You can also use a bowl and a regular tablespoon. Of course, preparing the poppy in this way will take more time than if we could use a blender. In any case, the result is the same.

- - If for some reason you do not have dried fruit for the saffron, you can make sugar syrup with jam. To do this, you need to dissolve sugar in a small amount of water and after that add a couple of spoons of your favorite jam.

- - You can add any dried fruits, frozen berries, any kinds of nuts, and even marmalade to the spaghetti.

- - Not only wheat is suitable for kutya. It can also be prepared from various cereals, such as, for example, rice, buckwheat, oat or pearl barley.

- - It is best to cook porridge in a cast-iron cauldron or pan with a thick bottom. In such containers, the croup will not burn and it will turn out friable.

- - If kutia turned out to be very thick, it can be diluted with uzvar.

- - It is very important: kutia is not stored for a long time, since honey, in combination with all components of the dish, can begin to ferment.