Dumplings with cabbage

Dumplings with cabbage

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Ingredients for Cooking Dumplings with Cabbage

For the test:

  1. Cold boiled water 1 cup.
  2. Premium wheat flour 5 cups.
  3. Baking soda 0.5 tsp.
  4. Salt 1 pinch.

For filling:

  1. Sour cabbage (pickled) 700 grams.
  2. Onions 3 pieces.
  3. Vegetable oil for frying.
  4. Salt 1 pinch.
  5. Ground black pepper 0, 5 tsp.
  • Main ingredients: Cabbage, Flour
  • Serving 3 servings
  • World CuisineUkrainian Cuisine


Knife, Cutting board, Saucepan with a lid, Frying pan, Bowl, Colander, Rolling pin, Skimmer, Spoon, Serving plates, Cooker

Cooking dumplings with cabbage:

Step 1: prepare sour cabbage.

Wash the cabbage in a colander under a stream of running water and finely chop with a knife on a cutting board. Heat the pan with vegetable oil over medium heat and stew the cabbage about 10 minutesstirring occasionally with a spatula.

Step 2: prepare the onion.

Peel the onion and cut it into small cubes with a knife on a cutting board. Fry the onion over medium heat until golden in a heated frying pan with vegetable oil about 5 minutes. During frying, stir the onion periodically with a spatula.

Step 3: prepare the filling for the dumplings.

In a deep bowl, mix with a spoon the sour cabbage and a third of the fried onions. Add black pepper, salt, mix and let cool at room temperature.

Step 4: prepare the dough.

Mix the spoon with water, salt and soda in a bowl. Then add the flour, about half a glass, each time thoroughly mixing with a spoon. When the dough becomes thick, put it on the work surface, sprinkled with flour, and continue to knead, adding flour, so that the dough becomes elastic, cool. The finished dough is well behind hands.

Step 5: prepare dough pieces for dumplings.

Cut off a strip of dough 2 cm thick and cut it with a knife on a cutting board into equal cubes. Dip the sides of the slice in flour. Then we roll out cubes on a work surface with a rolling pin. You get about 20-25 blanks for dumplings.

Step 6: sculpt dumplings with cabbage.

We spread the cabbage filling with a tablespoon in the middle of the rolled out circle of dough and fasten the edges. You can fasten the edges with a beautiful pigtail. To do this, flatten the lower tip of the dumpling with your fingers and wrap it up. The resulting edge is flattened again and wrap. And so we go around the edge of the dumpling to get a beautiful pigtail. We put ready dumplings on a cutting board, sprinkled with flour, so that they do not stick to the surface.

Step 7: prepare the dumplings with cabbage.

Pour cold water into the pan and bring to a boil over high heat. Salt to taste. Dip the dumplings and cook in boiling water within 5 minutesafter boiling. Put the prepared dumplings with a slotted spoon in a bowl. There we add the remaining fried onions and gently mix with a spoon.

Step 8: serve the dumplings with cabbage.

Hot dumplings are laid out on portioned plates, served with sour cream and butter. Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- - If you make non-lean dumplings, then in the test water can be replaced with kefir.

- - The dough for dumplings can be rolled out with a rolling pin, and then cut the circles with a glass or cup.

- - Finely chopped boiled chicken eggs can be added to the stuffing for dumplings with cabbage.