White Chocolate Parfait

White Chocolate Parfait Ingredients

Ingredients for making parfait with white chocolate:

  1. Milk cream (35% fat) 0.5 l.
  2. White Chocolate 150 gr.
  3. Sour cream (25% fat) 2 tbsp. spoons
  4. Chicken eggs 4 pcs.
  5. Honey (any grade without bitterness) 1 tbsp. a spoon
  6. Strawberries (or other berries) 1.5 cups

To decorate:

  1. Dark chocolate 50 gr.
  2. White Chocolate 50 gr.
  3. Mint sprigs 4 pcs.
  • Main Ingredients Cream, Cocoa and Chocolate
  • Serving 4 servings
  • World CuisineFrench Cuisine


Saucepan, Knife, Cutting board, Grater, Bowl, Plate, Cutlery, Mixer, Bowls (or tall glasses)

Cooking parfait with white chocolate:

Step 1: The initial stage of cooking - cook the base.

Separate the yolks from the proteins. To do this, prepare 2 containers and a knife. Next, we break the egg with the blade of a knife, but the shell is not fully opened, but only a little. Thus, protein will flow from it into the first container. Let's wait a bit so that it flows out completely. Next, open the shell over the second container, and a “clean” yolk gets into it. Do the same with all chicken eggs. Add honey to the pan and put it on a slow fire. In a minute, it will begin to melt, wait until the process reaches the end. In time, this takes no more than a few minutes, it all depends on the thickness of the bottom of the pan. Next, remove the pan from the fire and add the egg yolks to it. Immediately beat the mass with a mixer until a light foam is formed. In a separate saucepan, bring to a boil 250 ml. cream. It is very important not to boil them. That is, when you see the first signs of boiling mass (small bubbles on the surface), quickly remove the cream from the heat, and do not hold them. Pour them in a thin stream into the yolk mass and whisk again with a mixer. Next, put the pot with whipped cream and yolks on a slow fire and stir constantly for 10 minutes. During this time, the contents will thicken and slightly change its color.

Step 2: The next step is to prepare a cream with white chocolate.

In a water bath, melt a bar of white chocolate. To do this, break it into small pieces or grind it with a grater. Put the chocolate in a bowl. We put the pan with water on medium heat, after boiling the liquid, insert the container with white chocolate into the pan. After a while, it will begin to melt. We add melted chocolate to the mass that we prepared in the previous step and carefully mix the ingredients with the mixer. The resulting thick cream must be completely cooled at room temperature. Next, you need 250 ml. whip the cream with a sour cream mixer in a thick foam and mix it in the already cooled chocolate cream. Mix the ingredients thoroughly.

Step 3: The final stage - we distribute the parfait to the ice rinks.

Strawberries need to be sorted out from spoiled berries, remove branches, if any. Next, wash it in water. It is worth noting that for dessert you can use any fresh berries, even assorted ones. Cut the strawberries into 4 parts and fill it with one third of each glass or bowl. From above we fill the container with parfait cream. We put it in the refrigerator to cool for 3-4 hours. If you leave dessert all night in the fridge - that's okay. Up to 15 hours parfait can be stored absolutely safely at low temperatures.

Step 4: Serve the parfait with white chocolate.

Before serving, decorate the cream with a small amount of grated white and black chocolate, as well as a sprig of mint. And do not forget to attach a small spoon to the dessert. Have a great appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- If such a cream is placed in the freezer and frozen, then we will get a product that is very reminiscent of ice cream.

- You can also decorate the parfait with cinnamon. In addition, she will give the dessert a piquant aftertaste.

- For dessert, you can use any chopped fruit and berries. Show your imagination and experiment. For example, you can mix prunes with raisins or pineapple with peach. The taste of the cream from the additives will vary greatly.