Barley with minced meat

Barley with minced meat

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Ingredients for cooking pearl barley with minced meat

  1. 500 gram chicken fillet
  2. Barley 200 grams
  3. Carrots (large) 1 piece
  4. Onion (medium size) 2 pieces
  5. Purified water 1.5 liters
  6. Cooking Oil
  7. Ground black pepper to taste
  8. Salt to taste
  9. Turmeric to taste
  10. Zira to taste
  • Main Ingredients Chicken, Pearl Barley
  • Serving 10 Servings


Two deep bowls, Medium-sized pan, Frying pan, Cutting board, Meat grinder, Knife, Spoon, White paper, Plate, Blender or grater, Wooden spatula

Cooking pearl barley with minced meat:

Step 1: prepare the barley.

Few people use barley as a side dish. More often it can be found lonely floating, mainly in soups. We will have to spend a lot of time. But, as the saying goes: "If warned, then armed!". Therefore, we will begin the crucial stage of preparation. First, we clean the cereal from various debris. To do this, pour the pearl barley on the kitchen table, covered with a white sheet of paper, and begin to sort it out, separating the peeled cereal in one direction, and not the cereal in the other. After - put the barley in a deep bowl and rinse several times under running water until the water becomes clear. And only then fill it with two or three glasses of purified cold water. Let it stand for 2-3 hours. The longer the cereal is in this state, the better it will break apart and be softer. Therefore, if you have free time and you cook in advance, you can safely leave the barley in the water overnight. Well, our porridge has already insisted on the set time. Now we pour the water out of the tank and again wash the barley under running water. We spread the processed cereals in a medium-sized pot, pour two or three glasses of purified salted water there and put on the stove. Cook over medium heat until cooked for 40-50 minutes. From time to time check how your porridge is doing there. If after the set cooking time you feel that the pearl barley is not ready yet, then wait some more time. If necessary, add water, stirring with a spoon so that the cereal does not burn on the base of the pan and does not turn out to be very dry.

Step 2: prepare the meat for the meat grinder.

While the pearl barley is cooked, we will take on the minced meat. We wash the chicken under running warm water. Then put the meat on a cutting board and use a knife to cut it into medium-sized cubes. Chicken fillet is picky meat: it lived a little and it is dietary. Therefore, to cope with it, we will not deliver much strength and labor.

Step 3: turn the chicken into minced meat.

Now it remains only to use the meat grinder and the mince is ready. To speed up the cooking process, it is better to use an electric meat grinder, but if one was not found at hand, then we take an ordinary one. Grind the meat into a deep bowl. For taste, add spices to the minced meat. If desired, you can add any spices, but I advise you to use turmeric and zira. Zira is one of the most popular spices in Asia. It is used in almost all dishes, and this: in meat, and in fish, and in vegetables. No self-respecting Asian will cook pilaf without spices. In addition, this spice improves vision and brain activity, contributes to a better digestion process. Turmeric is an Indian saffron. Seasoning, which has a yellow-orange color. I use it in many dishes for color and for a delicate pleasant aroma.

Step 4: chop the vegetables.

Now we need to chop carrots and onions. To do this, peel our vegetables. For such a procedure, it is better to use a blender at 1 or 2 speeds, so that the pieces are not very large, but do not turn into slurry. Or you can use the old traditional way with a knife and grater. On a cutting board, chop the onion with a knife, and rub the carrots on a coarse grater.

Step 5: combine all the chopped ingredients.

Barley has already been cooked. Minced chicken is ready. Now add chopped onions and carrots to a deep bowl to it. Using a spoon, mix it all well. and add salt and pepper if desired.

Step 6: Step 6: fry the connected components.

Our dish is almost ready. We take the pan, add a little vegetable oil and, when the container warms up on the stove, put our chicken and vegetable stuffing there. It must be fried for 7-10 minutes, stirring with a wooden spatula. In general, one more advantage of chicken is that minced meat is quickly prepared.

Step 7: add the pearl barley to the pan.

Now you can add the finished pearl barley porridge to the pan. With a wooden spatula, mix all the ingredients well into a homogeneous mass and simmer for another 4-6 minutes over medium heat. Vegetables and minced meat will give juice and soak barley, spices, in turn, will give the dish a very tasty mouth-watering aroma.

Step 8: add water to the ingredients.

It would seem that our cooking is coming to an end. But now it’s important to put out all our ingredients. Therefore, we pour the purified water into the pan 1-2 cm higher than products. Bring to a boil, increasing the heat on the stove. As soon as all the components boil, reduce the heat to a minimum and cover tightly with a lid. Barley with minced meat should languish on the stove for 25-35 minutes. After the fire is turned off and leave for another 10-15 minutes.

Step 9: serve barley with minced meat.

We worked hard for the glory. But they achieved a result. The dish was really very tasty. Let now at least someone will try to say that this cereal is “peasant rice”, especially after trying this creation. To the table you can serve barley with minced meat with the addition of greens - parsley and dill. Good appetite!

Recipe Tips:

- - You can replace the zira spice with Provencal herbs and add one centimeter more water to the pan during the preparation process. Then you will get not pearl barley with minced meat, but pearl barley risotto. After all, risotto is not porridge with the addition of various ingredients, and not pilaf. And the difference is only in cooking technology. The more water, the longer it will stew and the softer it will turn out. In taste it will be different. But still it turns out very tasty.

- - If you are a fan of spicy, then in barley with minced meat, when you add water to the pan, you can put a few cloves of garlic. Then your dish will turn out with a piquant aroma.

- - There are several ways to prepare barley for cooking. The first method we used in the recipe. Second: you can bake pearl barley in the oven. A distinctive feature is only that soaked cereals are digested much faster than processed in the second case.


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