Delta Airlines’ Dine and Rest Meals Designed by Blue Smoke

Delta Airlines’ Dine and Rest Meals Designed by Blue Smoke

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Delta's Dine and Rest program will feature a classic American barbecue menu from Blue Smoke.

Lucky travelers in Delta’s BusinessElite section will have the option to choose a meal created by Jeffrey Held, Chef de Cuisine of Blue Smoke Battery Park City. Business passengers traveling between JFK and London-Heathrow will have access to a monthly rotating menu featuring Memphis baby back ribs, North Carolina pulled pork, and smoked black pepper sausage.

The classic Southern barbecue experience is rounded out with mini biscuits and mini cornbread loaves. Finally, diners will receive an indulgent mini Grilled Jalapeño & Salty Peanut Dark Chocolate bar for dessert. Held also designed a signature cocktail to complete the meal.

The Dine and Rest meals are designed to account for a 30 percent loss of taste that occurs during air travel, for which the smoke and saltiness of barbecue is well-suited. Delta, which has previously teamed up with chefs like Michael Chiarello and Michelle Bernstein to create satisfying meals for passengers, has seen lots of success with the Blue Smoke menu. Peter Wilander, Delta’s managing director of onboard services, noted that during test runs of the menu, passengers who had ordered other menu items often tried to exchange their meals once the smell of barbecue wafted over. “We didn’t want to create a non-restaurant experience,” said Mark Maynard Parisi, senior managing partner of Blue Smoke.

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines, Inc., typically referred to as Delta, is one of the major airlines of the United States and a legacy carrier. It is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. [1] The airline, along with its subsidiaries and regional affiliates, including Delta Connection, operates over 5,400 flights daily and serves 325 destinations in 52 countries on six continents. [4] [5] Delta is a founding member of the SkyTeam airline alliance. [5]

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Delta has nine hubs, with Atlanta being its largest in terms of total passengers and number of departures. [5] It is ranked second among the world's largest airlines by number of scheduled passengers carried, revenue passenger-kilometers flown, and fleet size. It is ranked 69th on the Fortune 500. [6] The company slogan is "Keep Climbing." [7]

Where to Eat at LaGuardia Airport as Travel Picks Up Again

Nearly a year after the pandemic halted air travel for most Americans, things are starting to change. More and more people are vaccinated, airlines have lifted some precautionary moves like keeping middle seats open, and international travel is starting to show signs of coming back. What hasn’t changed is how difficult it is to find something actually good to eat whether you’re the type of person that shows up hours before boarding or the one showing up last minute.

Still, navigating air travel is full of variables today, from figuring which destinations require COVID tests to the new CDC guidelines on mask wearing. Here’s a list highlighting dining options based on the most up-to-date information from the Port Authority. While Eater will continue to update this guide, the hours for these vendors are subject to change given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The latest CDC guidance for vaccinated diners during the COVID-19 outbreak is here dining out still carries risks for unvaccinated diners and workers. Please be aware of changing local rules, and check individual restaurant websites for any additional restrictions such as mask requirements. Find a local vaccination site here.

Terminal A

Salotto: Airport operator OTG runs this Italian stand with caprese sandwiches, a hefty lineup of antipasti options, and more than a dozen doughy pies on deck. Departure gates, post-security.

Terminal B

Auntie Anne’s: Doughy pretzels. Center food court, pre-security and Gates A3, B3, C6, and D3, post-security

Bowery Bay Cafe: An American restaurant with sandwiches, salads, and drinks. Departure level near gates C, pre-security

Brewery Heights: A bar with breakfast burritos, draft beers, and bar top seating. D gates, post-security

Dos Toros: An outpost of the fast-casual taqueria chain. Level four, post-security

Dunkin’ Donuts: Doughnuts, coffee, and breakfast sandwiches are available from two Dunkin’ Donuts locations. Level one, level four

Healthy Gourmet: Salads, sandwiches, and wraps in a grab-and-go setting. Near gate D4, post-security

Junior’s: Cheesecake and other menu items from the celebrated New York City diner are now available in Terminal B. Level four, post-security

Shake Shack: One of the biggest restaurant draws of LaGuardia: The airport finally has its own location of Shake Shack. B Gates, Gates 40 to 59, post-security

Starbucks: Coffee, pastries, and small bites from the international coffee chain. D Gates, post-security

Tony and Benny’s Pizza Parlor: A walk-up slice counter that also serves pastas and calzones. Level four, post-security

Zaro’s: Bagels, breads, and baked goods from the popular mini-chain of Manhattan bakeries. Level four, post-security

The artichoke slice Artichoke [Official]

Terminal C

Artichoke: This late-night New York City pizza standby serves its excellent white artichoke slice and many others. Food hall at gates C28 and C29, post-security

Cotto: Former Marea chef Michael White helped open this Italian trattoria, which serves burgers and salads but is best at its pizzas. Gate C30, post-security

Crust: Pizza lovers will be happy with these Neapolitan-style pies at this bar that opened with help from Sullivan Street’s Jim Lahey. Gates C15 to C24, post-security

Custom Burgers by Pat LaFrieda: Famed meat purveyor Pat LaFrieda helped develop the meat blend for the burgers here, which are made to order, and served “with all the fixings.” Plus, there are milkshakes, made in-house. Food hall at gates C28 and C29, post-security

World Bean: A coffee chain with baked goods. Food hall at gates C28 and C29, post-security

Delta Air Lines

If you’re lucky enough to be flying First Class or Economy Comfort on Delta, you get to dig into a better selection of complimentary snacks than the rest of the passengers. Delta wins points for always having bananas in that basket, an ideal mid-flight (or anytime) snack, as they’re loaded with vitamins and nutrients, plus about 3 grams of fiber to help keep you full. Delta is also one of the few airlines offering almonds instead of peanuts, sensitive to the growing number of peanut allergies.

Manaker is a fan of Delta’s for-purchase Tapas Box ($9), an eight-piece that includes multigrain crackers, hummus, almonds and a dark chocolate square, among other things. “It has ton of healthy goodies that are portion controlled and yummy,” she says, noting it’s also kid friendly: “The snap pea crisps are a treat that even my 3-year-old will eat.”

If it’s carbs you crave, the complimentary (for all passengers) KIND Oats & Honey with Toasted Coconut bars are a healthy option made with five whole grains (oats, buckwheat, millet, amaranth and quinoa) with 150 calories, 5 grams of fat and 2 grams of fiber. “It’s a tasty way to add filling whole grains into your day, as most people do not get enough,” says Toby Amidor, MS, RD, founder of Toby Amidor Nutrition in New York.

Cabin and Seat

TPG Rating



Bed Length

I love the look of Delta&rsquos business-class cabins, though the blue they chose seems a bit pedestrian. Still, it&rsquos nice to walk into a cabin and see the bright colors and the prominent use of the Delta logo along with the Delta One branding. The cabin on this version of the 767 feels intimate, with only 26 biz seats. (Delta&rsquos 767-300ERs also come in two other configurations, both with 36 Delta One seats.)

Delta&rsquos Boeing 767-300ER cabin layout in the 26-seat Delta One configuration (Image from delta.com)

Delta One seats on the 767-300ER are 20.5 inches wide and, when fully flat in bed mode, range from 77 to 80 inches long. The seat felt narrow to me especially at the hips and in the footwell. I&rsquoll explain more in detail below.

I don&rsquot recommend the bulkhead seats in row 1 the galley and the bathrooms at the front of the cabin meant a not-so-restful sleep for me when I chose seat 1A on the way down to Rio. On the return I was in 4A. Both the lavatories dedicated to the forward cabin are at the front, near the galley. They were kept very clean throughout the flight, but they were pretty basic.

One of those 26 seats has curtains around it and sits empty for parts of the flight. It&rsquos used as a crew-rest seat.

As you can see in the photographs, the seats are arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration, giving all passengers direct aisle access.

Waiting for me at my seat was a pair of Delta&rsquos branded over-ear headphones, which worked fine, though they don&rsquot compare to American Airline&rsquos Bang & Olufsen headphones. On the other hand, the flight attendants don&rsquot take them from you up to an hour before landing. There was also a fluffy pillow and blanket branded Westin Heavenly. I hate to nitpick, but there were some stains on my pillowcase on the flight down to Rio. I&rsquom not sure if they were missed after laundering or what happened. They smelled and looked clean otherwise.

I love Delta&rsquos Tumi amenity kits. They had cute socks, a small pen, tissues, earplugs, lip balm and lotion, a dental kit, hand sanitizer and one of those great Tumi eye masks. I find Delta&rsquos amenity kits a big upgrade over most American Airlines kits, for example, which I feel try too hard sometimes to be cool and verge on the unpractical for re-use.

Not all airplanes have individual air vents at every seat this Delta 767-300ER did.

The cabin was generally clean and well maintained, but the seats were definitely showing their age. There were signs of repeated repairs and lots of general wear and tear.

My biggest complaint about the seat was tightness around the feet, hips and shoulders. I measured about 17 inches of width at the feet, knees and hips. I also didn&rsquot feel like the seat on either leg of my trip ever got fully flat. It looked flat, but I always felt like I was on a slight incline. I didn&rsquot sleep well on the nighttime flight down to Rio and wasn&rsquot able to really nap on the return.

The seats are also, relatively, poorly padded.

The tray table is 9.5 by 11 inches. It slopes slightly and it doesn&rsquot easily move if you want to get out for anything during a meal service. It does angle away from the body, but you need to put it away to easily exit the seat.

The tray is unfolded by pushing a button to open the armrest compartment, where a sign notes that it cannot be used for storage &mdash and storage is in short supply.

Directy behind a partition is the economy cabin, arranged in a 2-3-2 layout. Comfort+ seats, with extra legroom, are at the front of coach class.

What makes Delta’s new first class seats special?

As of now details are limited, though based on the pictures there are some things I really like, and some things that I think could be problematic.

On the plus side, the seats feature significantly more privacy thanks to the shields along the sides of the seats. Those not only increase privacy, but they could also be nice in terms of having somewhere to rest your head if you’re trying to nap.

The seats also have more storage (at the front center of the seats), along with conveniently placed power outlets.

My major concern is that these seats look really “thin.” That’s never great in terms of padding and comfort, but then again, it’s certainly the trend in the airline industry, as airlines look for more space-efficient and light seats for aircraft.

In many ways these new seats look similar to the rumored new Emirates premium economy seats, which are also expected to debut later this year.

Vegan food to take on a plane

As you see, even in the first class cabins on the fancier airlines, you can’t depend on getting filled up.

If you can eat 100% of what’s on your plate, all are low calorie. That may be good if you’re dieting, but not so much if you’re a 6′ 1″ athletic male who needs to eat more.

The total amount of protein you’re getting will probably be no more than 7 to 12 grams per meal, at best. Bringing a protein supplement is a must if you’re a bodybuilder.

Regardless of the cabin type of flight duration, try these 5 ideas for the best snacks you should bring with you if you’re on a plant-based diet. Packing them for travel is simple and TSA compliant.

Live Updates

For Delta, Song was a counterattack on JetBlue, which began flights from New York to Florida in 2000, siphoning off passengers on what had been one of Delta's most lucrative markets. Delta fought back, but JetBlue boasts sharply lower costs than Delta, which is striving to slice labor rates under bankruptcy.

Despite its splashy approach, Song's financial success was always questionable. Mr. Grinstein and other Delta executives declined to say yesterday whether the airline was ever profitable.

But James M. Whitehurst, Delta's chief operating officer, said the cost of running the main Delta brand and Song was "very expensive."

Paul G. Matsen, Delta's chief marketing officer, added that the airline had to be careful not to overlap the operations of Delta and Song, especially in cities like New York and Los Angeles, which both airlines served.

And with the former Song planes being outfitted with 26 first-class seats, Delta can potentially make more money than it did on Song flights.

Those first-class seats also mean that business travelers and other well-heeled passengers can book premium service from overseas to their ultimate destination in the United States, instead of dealing with one-class service on part of their flight.

Mr. Grinstein said Song's president, Joanne Smith, had been named Delta's vice president for consumer marketing, effective immediately.

Ms. Smith said yesterday that she "absolutely" would bring some trendy aspects of Song to Delta flights -- those features have included drinks designed by the celebrity bar owner Rande Gerber and snacks from Dylan's Candy Bar in Manhattan.

Ultimately, Ms. Smith said her goal was to use Song's teachings to make Delta more contemporary -- what she called "a current classic."

Central Market

The grocery store offers chef-prepared dinners for two for the holiday featuring Mediterranean chicken ($59.99), two 8-ounce tenderloin filets with horseradish chive butter ($79.99), two lobster tails with gremolata butter ($89.99) or a Surf ‘n’ Turf option that comes with two 8-ounce filets and two lobster tails ($99.99). Each dinner includes spinach salad with oranges and walnuts, sautéed spring peas, brioche rolls, two mini Anthony’s chocolate mousse cakes and four raspberry macarons. A brunch meal serves six to eight and includes Italian sausage and arugula quiche, challah French toast casserole, spinach and strawberry salad, berries and melon, French butter croissants and orange juice. Order by Feb. 12 at 6 p.m. for pickup by Feb. 14. Locations in Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano and Southlake.

Rendez-vous en Amérique

Covering over 230 cities in North America via 8 connection hubs all around the United States, Air France-KLM and its partner Delta Air Lines come together to bring you a wide range of benefits, thanks to a 10-year partnership.

You can choose from a large flight schedules, world-class menus, exclusive services, and comfortable lounges.


SkyPriority: you get priority

Delta One

We know how to make you feel right at home: come and discover this relaxing cabin where you can enjoy excellent food and varied entertainment. Settle in and get yourself comfortable in Delta One and we'll take care of the rest.

Your flatbed seat reclines 180 degrees and has direct access to the aisle. It is equipped with Westin Heavenly® in-flight bedding, a duvet and a soft pillow for the perfect rest. With your travel kit TUMI&trade containing products by Kiehl's, a power socket, a USB port, noise-canceling headphones by LSTN Sound Co. you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Need a little entertainment?

With Delta Studio, enjoy over 1,000 hours of free movies, TV shows, music and video games. Whether you prefer HBO ® or SHOWTIME ® , you can choose your favorite programs and watch original digital content on your large individual screen. You can also stream entertainment on your computer, iPhone, iPad or Android tablet.


Thanks to RFID technology, you can track your baggage in real time, in the Fly Delta app.

On board, you can connect to the WiFi network to send instant messages free of charge using iMessage, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, throughout your flight.

Fine dining on board

Enjoy a gourmet meal in the sky thanks to our collaboration with top chefs on both sides of the Atlantic. In Delta One, enjoy authentic cuisine with original seasonal creations concocted by renowned chefs.

Choose from a variety of main courses made with fresh ingredients, appetizers and salads, renewed every month.

Watch the video: Beautiful Boston Landing Delta Air Lines Airbus A321-200 BOS N346DN SCS Ep. 99 (August 2022).