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In a bowl put the yeast, a teaspoon of sugar, a tablespoon of flour and leave to rise for 15 minutes.

After the yeast has blossomed, add the milk, mineral water, flour, a pinch of salt and knead.

When it is ready, add 80 g of warm oil and knead a little more. With the rest of the oil we will grease the pizza trays.

Let rise for about 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, we prepare the ingredients for the pizza.

Cut the boiled chicken breast into cubes first, then cut the salami into slices, then cut the cucumber and the donut into cubes, open the canned mushrooms and the sweet corn.

Spread the dough, then arrange it in the pan, spread ketceap, mustard on top, then sprinkle with cucumber, donut, mushrooms, chicken breast, salami, corn kernels, olives, salt, pepper to taste, cheese and smoked cheese.

On top from place to place we put beaten egg and a little more ketceap.

Bake in a hot oven at a temperature of 170 degrees, about 30 minutes.

Good appetite!

The revelations of a Romanian woman from British hell. Rationalized products "as in Ceausescu's time"

People rushed to shop, because starting Monday, March 23, the United Kingdom is announced to be "locked down" for 30 days. The information comes from a Romanian woman settled for over 12 years in Harlow, a town in the Essex region.

She says that in the town where she lives, three of the largest supermarkets have banned shopping since yesterday. People are only allowed to buy three products of the same kind.

"I went to the supermarket in the morning, I arrived just as they were unpacking the goods, and I thought I was taking two boxes of pasta and one box of spaghetti, but then I changed my mind and wanted to take another box of spaghetti. And an employee there started screaming and showing me "Only three, only three!". I didn't understand what he meant by that: three of all or three packages of each kind, and I put them in my basket. He ran after me and made me choose: he said he would either take back a packet of spaghetti or a packet of pasta. And I gave him back a packet of spaghetti.

Before me was a woman who had several boxes of pasta in the basket, and she took them back from them and left her with only three. And he took another toilet paper. You are not allowed only one package or the tablecloths, only one package, not a box of three or as many as there are in one. He unwraps them and gives you a package. In other stores, they took the toilet paper off the shelf and held it behind the counter. It is given with the portion.

And at another supermarket, the same thing. If you bought something, from each product three, not more than three. It was full of employees at Self-Checkin and they sat there, taking your basket. There was a lady with six cans of cereal in her basket: three of one kind and three of another. And the employees wanted to take them back from them, but the woman did not let them. He called the manager to see if she was allowed and eventually let her take them all. Do you realize what I've come to?

It is placed on the door of one of the supermarkets, there at the entrance, that you are not allowed to take more than three products of the same kind. Notes are made. But I didn't see it in the other stores.

Anyway, the stores have empty freezers! There is no meat at all, not even frozen, no frozen vegetables or pizza. It's not onions, it's not garlic, it's not lemons, but not at all! There is no more flour, no more rice, the shelves are empty. You can't believe it! You can't find biscuits of any kind anymore, bread is still there. I have never seen liquid soap, there is more. But it is not a disinfectant ", said the Romanian, writes stiridiaspora.ro.

She says that the products were rationalized as in the times of sad memory: “A younger colleague of mine remembers that her mother used to tell her that it was like in Ceausescu's time when everything was rationalized. But at least then he wouldn't give a shit to anyone else, you would go with that receipt and stand in line and he would give it to you. What's worse here, you see, if you weren't in the store and didn't buy three, you were left with nothing!

God, forgive me, I saw a gentleman buy spices. That's how he put his fist in the basket, he doesn't even look at what he puts! He put his hand on the shelf and pulled the spices into the basket, and cubes, and bottles, and envelopes & # 8230 Another gentleman next to us said that people were panicking. I say the same thing! ”, Added the Romanian.

Creation, Ornaments, Vocation, Originality and Renaissance in Ţahnăuţi

Clay vessels, old carpets and objects made at the creative workshops & # 8222Carpet weaving & # 8221 and & # 8222Pottery & # 8221 were exhibited during the second edition of the local Festival "The Master of Me", organized in the village Țahnăuți from Rezina district.

The activity was organized within the Project "C.O.V.O.R." (Creation, Ornaments, Vocation, Originality, Renaissance). For this purpose, the hall of the House of Culture was chosen, so that the participants could observe the anti-emptying prophylaxis measures.

The creative workshops, which were attended by people of all ages, were led by local craftsmen Elena Taban and Ion Laur.

Mr. Ghenadie Gaidibadi, the mayor of Țareuca commune, appreciated the importance of promoting traditional crafts, intergenerational communication, social cohesion of the inhabitants. Mrs. Natalia Meleșinschi, president of AO "Andromeda", stressed that together with the craftsmen we managed to actively employ elderly people and children in the community to learn to weave carpets and make clay objects, thus promoting art and culture, active aging and connections intergenerational.

Along with the objects made in the creative workshops, things kept with sanctity in the dowry box of our nation were also exhibited: old carpets (Mrs. Zinaida Cojocari demonstrated a 100-year-old carpet), walls, sheets, towels & # 8211 works of folk art, cleverly crafted by Moldovan women. All the volunteers of the “Andromeda” Public Association actively participated in the event, and Mrs. Claudia Gjebic colored the festivity with a beautiful autumn composition.

As at any festival, the atmosphere was animated by an artistic program offered by the folk ensemble "Pădureanca", artistic director Mr. Serghei Grosu, performers Alexandra Ciumac and Alexei Druță. The students benefiting from the project also came in front of the participants with a poetry recital about Carpet, Country and Autumn.

The project is implemented by AO “Andromeda”, in partnership with Țareuca City Hall, Public Library “Afanasie Talpă” from Țahnăuți village and financed by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection within the Small Grants Program in the Field of Active Aging.

We will survive as a nation over time by preserving, transmitting, promoting traditional folk traditions and crafts.

Alexandra Socol, BP „Afanasie Talpă”, Țahnăuți, executive director, AO „Andromeda”

EPOS system for Pizza Takeaways, Deliveries & # 038 Restaurants

Andromeda’s Pizza POS system for Takeaways & Restaurants and Online Ordering websites for Pizza Delivery and Takeaway makes it possible for you to have your own branded ordering platform, linked to your own EPOS system, offering both delivery and collection facilities.

Andromeda’s system has been carefully designed to cater for Pizza Delivery Restaurants by providing you with quick codes on your menu to correspond to your menu numbers and can even be translated into other languages ​​if you need it to be.

Whether you’re a single independent store, or a nationwide chain, our solutions are designed specifically for Pizza Delivery Restaurants so we have a solution that is right for you.

But it’s not just Pizza Delivery POS systems & Online Ordering for Pizza Delivery Restaurants. Andromeda also offer kitchen management solutions staff management delivery tracking stock taking and financial control - all on one single easy-to-use platform.

It’s everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

No rocket science, your menu, your brand, your customers

The collision between the two galaxies will give rise to a new one

The result will be a single, elliptical galaxy & # 8211 a shape more common in our immediate universe, the same scientists explained.

The Milky Way, which is a flat galaxy, will emerge from this completely transformed collision.

The sun will be in a new region of the galaxy, but Earth and our solar system are not in danger of being destroyed, scientists said.
SHOCKING HYPOTHESIS !: The earth is a living organism! Researchers are about to prove it

Even if the two galaxies merge, the stars they contain are very far apart, and they may not collide during this & # 8222 galactic encounter & # 8221.

However, the stars will move and will be found in different orbits, in relation to the new galactic center. The simulations show that the Solar System will probably be pushed even further away from the center of the galaxy relative to its current position.

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French men, best equipped

Dr. Eduardo Gomez de Diego, president of the Spanish medical center Andromeda, has decided that the time has come to deny or confirm the myth about the size of penises in different regions. The Spaniard analyzed scientific data collected from 15 countries. Whether or not this may be a national pride, the French rank first.

Worldwide, the length of the erect male reproductive organ is on average 14 centimeters. The largest average exists in France, with 16 centimeters. In the next places are Italy (15 cm), Mexico (14.9 cm) and Spain (14 cm). In Venezuela the average is 12.7 cm, while in Brazil it is 12.4 cm. The lowest averages were recorded in India and South Korea, with 10.2 and 9.6 cm, respectively.

Men who are not satisfied with the size of their private parts can resort to various methods of penis enlargement, either by massage, vacuum pumps, pills or even surgery. But the only scientifically proven method is the penis extender. Gomez de Diego, the inventor of the Andro-Penis device, the best-selling extender in the world, claims that the use of the device can materialize in an elongation of 3-5 centimeters, with an efficiency rate of 97.5 percent. This is obtained without surgery and without pain, the result being permanent.

The device exerts pressure, by traction, on the tissues. The method is extremely old and is still used today in different regions of the world to lengthen certain parts of the body, such as the so-called giraffe women in Burma, who lengthen their necks by installing overlapping rings at various stages of development. .

Freudians on the Andromeda Nebula

Old Freud had a simple window in front of his eyes, through which he could see the world looking down on him, carefully studying his shoes and socks, including part of the stripe on his trousers or the hem of his skirt. Depending on the heel, the trembling of the calf, or the movement of the heels, he could restore the physiognomy of each man's face.

For a time, after the disappearance of the political mammoths from the Andromeda Nebula, the state was ruled for a time by the ghosts of some presidents who played the role of enlightened despots. Then the ghosts of these heads of state decomposed as if by themselves, evaporating into the air. And the state or what was left of it began to rule itself, through a kind of inertia. Then the inertia disappeared. But a large number of Freudians soon came to take the place of presidents, exercising their power of seduction in all areas of political and social life on the Andromeda Nebula. It did not take long to master them either, for at some point psychoanalytic therapy became a science for everyone. And then our Freudians specialized in learning other trades. Some became hairdressers, others butchers, others distributors of goods, others shoemakers, painters, plumbers or waiters. Due to the inflation of Freudzi and Adleri, most of the lucrative trades disappeared from the Andromeda Nebula. If you needed to change a light bulb, straighten your shirt or pants, you couldn't find a craftsman for the world to look for with the world. Did you understand? And then, having no other way to follow, so as not to eat each other alive, our Freudians reoriented themselves and all sorts of Freudians specialized in various trades appeared, including Freudzi turners, Freudz welders, Freudzi locksmiths. , but also Freudzi watchmakers, Freudzi butchers, Freudzi hairdressers, Freudzi dentists, Freudzi forensic doctors, Freudzi ophthalmologists, Freudzi gynecologists, Freudzi urologists, Freudzi dermatologists, Freudzi endocrinologists, Freudzi pediatricians, Freudzi lawyers, Freudzi lawyers, Freudzi lawyers, orthopedists, Freudzi geamgii, Freudzi papetari, Freudzi lingurari, Freudzi căldărari etc., etc.

I don't know how it happened, but I was lucky, or maybe unlucky, to live door to door with one of the best orthopedic doctors in Iasi. Of course, this is not about Iasi here, but about the one on the Andromeda Nebula. Every time we approached the elevator or the front door of the block, the orthopedist, a gentleman who was imposing, so voluble, who at the Orthopedic Recovery Hospital answered to the name of Cortez, Raul Cortez, and at home to the one of Sigmund, Sigmund Freud, sometimes Jung, Reich or Adler, he examined me very carefully, winking at me.

If you have problems with your joints or libido, please visit me at the hospital. You will receive tailor-made care. While I'm putting your knees back in place, I'm going to do a psychiatric consultation. Usually, the fans because they sit on the stage and transmit the words of the authors to the actors get infected with all kinds of occupational diseases, have problems with the spine and joints & hellip Don't forget what I told you. Here's my business card & hellip. If you need to, you can call me even at midnight. And now, excuse me, I'm a little & icircn time crisis & hellip Goodbye!

Goodbye, I murmured, looking puzzled at the beautiful plasticized cardboard rectangle that gave off a pleasant smell of cinnamon mixed with ginger: on one side it was written in golden letters, on a shiny black background: Dr. Raul Cortez, orthopedist on the other, in black letters on a gold background: Dr. Sigmund Freud, professor and neuropsychiatrist. Iassy, ​​Andromeda, str. Batiştei no. 7.

The nurses who accompanied him, turning their heads with immeasurable grace, glanced at me as they walked, whispering to each other: "A notorious masturbator, who calls himself a souffle." With such specimens, it is good not to get confused either on stage or under the stage. & Quot

Dr. Cortez was usually accompanied by a mistress, whom he changed if not daily, then at least weekly. Of course, the orthopedist was married, having a lot of legitimate children from both marriages, but also many illegitimate ones, who visited him in the hospital, accompanied by their mothers, every weekend to cover him with some fat money. which he asked of any patient & hellip P & acircnă in the end, I visited him, of course not voluntarily, but out of necessity. But about this visit, I will talk at the right time and place.

Finally, I must add that most Freudians in the Nebula, because they puff cigar after cigar, suffer from one and the same disease: their oral cavity is affected by a form of cancer so severe, so that they can survive and -they covered the roof with thin platinum sheets, which can be detached by means of special flaps, to sanitize the oral cavity. Before going to bed, the Freuds put the plate in a porcelain cup next to the false teeth. Others sleep with her glued to the roof of their mouths, which causes them to snore terribly. If he or she is trying to psychoanalyze you, then sitting on the couch or offering you a tripod and starting to ask you questions. I recently read on my inner Facebook that old Sigmund, during such spiritualistic meetings, used to search the roof of his mouth with a concave mirror that shook his head. While his clients were confessing, Freud was thinking of his own. Their words went in one ear and out the other, leaving traces of white smoke in the sky of his sinister mouth. And yet, if I think about it better, his accounts were as accurate as possible, even if they had only a vague connection with reality and subjects. In fact, Freud's only subject of study was Freud himself. He was also the object. But look, his teaching caught not only the Andromeda Nebula, but almost the entire Earth. In fact, old Freud was making his own introspection. The sick were only mere starting points from which his confession began and ended where Freud thought it should end. In fact, the abyss of his own self had such a great influence on his clientele that, regardless of age and sex, through a resonant effect, he began to think about the pace of Professor Freud's thinking. Sometimes it happened and vice versa: Freud, whether or not he paid attention to the condition of the patients, began to unfold his series of thoughts in unison with them. And with that, enough! I think I've talked enough in theory about Freudzi. Now it's time to talk more concretely.

Therefore, one autumn day, in rainy weather, wandering the streets in vain, I also wandered to the shop of one of Freudzi. When he heard the door slam shut, old Freud rose politely from his Methuselah tripod and leaned in front of me, inviting me to take a seat on a stool perched on a staircase. I politely refused. I had come more to shelter from the rain and to exchange a word with someone.

Young man, what brings you here? he told me in a cavernous voice, springing straight from his chest. Please take your place in time and space. I said time, because time has no measure for me. You can sit where your heart desires. I have plenty of time for myself and others. Shoes can wait. For me, as you can see, it's a lot of trouble, he added, fixing the greasy string on his neck better on the back of his neck. Feel that you are more comfortable. And as I said this, old Freud beckoned me to sit on a tripod to his right, next to the pile of shoes gathered under the barred window overlooking the street. Leaning on your feet, to make as little noise as possible, I put my paws on the side of my eyelid and sat down on his tripod on a high, uncomfortable chair. Looking at the little gem raised about a palm above the sidewalk, I remembered my blower cage, which I was sitting on, teasing the scene. I had specialized, as I told you, in the psychology of the stripes on my trousers or the rustle of women's stockings gliding over the gnawed boards of so many roles played by generations and generations of actors. Old Freud had a simple window in front of his eyes, through which he could see the world looking down on him, carefully studying his shoes and socks, including part of the stripe on his trousers or the hem of his skirt. Depending on the heel, the trembling of the calf, or the movement of the heels, he could restore the physiognomy of each man's face. The smile or the twinkling of the lips, the frowning or the astonishment of the raised eyebrows towards the complexion, the grimaces on the face, the wrinkles on the forehead and the twinkling of the eyes, appeared with all their clarity on the heels or soles.

Italy Pizza Andromeda

Searching for Italy Pizza Andromeda information? You are in the right place. At maarslet-pizza.dk you can find everything you want to know about Italy Pizza Andromeda. And of cause you can order a tasty pizza! So find info and order pizza online!

Spaghetti House - 20 Photos - Italian - Via Andromeda 122.

    Spaghetti House in Bibione, reviews by real people. Yelp is a fun and easy way to find, recommend and talk about what’s great and not so great in Bibione and beyond. Spaghetti House - 20 Photos - Italian - Via Andromeda 122, Bibione, Venice, Italy - Restaurant Reviews - Phone Number - Menu - Yelp4.5 / 5 (3)

Pizzalandia Bibione - Home - Bibione, Veneto, Italy - Menu.

    Pizzalandia Bibione - Via Andromeda 109, 30028 Bibione, Veneto, Italy - Rated 4.9 based on 71 Reviews & quotBest pizza & quot4.9 / 5 (71)

Pizzeria Flappo - Pizza - Via Andromeda 21, Cassina De.

    Pizzeria Flappo in Cassina De 'Pecchi, reviews by real people. Yelp is a fun and easy way to find, recommend and talk about what’s great and not so great in Cassina De ’Pecchi and beyond. Pizzeria Flappo - Pizza - Via Andromeda 21, Cassina De 'Pecchi, Milan, Italy - Restaurant Reviews - Phone Number - Yelp3 / 5 (1)

THE 10 BEST Restaurants in Brindisi - Updated February.

    Best Dining in Brindisi, Province of Brindisi: See 26,541 Tripadvisor traveler reviews of 306 Brindisi restaurants and search by cuisine, price, location, and more. . “Best pizza crust in the area. “Back in Italy at our favorite restaurant!” .

Spaghetti Haus, Bibione - Via Andromeda 107 - Restaurant.

    Jul 22, 2018 & # 0183 & # 32Spaghetti Haus, Bibione: See 210 unbiased reviews of Spaghetti Haus, rated 4 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked # 23 of 136 restaurants in Bibione. . Via Andromeda 107 Via, 30028 Bibione, San Michele Al Tagliamento Italy. Website +39 0431 43251. Improve this listing. Does this restaurant serve Emilian food? Yes No Unsure. Does this restaurant. 4/4 (210)

Pizza House - Home - Rome, Italy - Menu, Prices.

    Pizza House - via della Riserva Nuova 248, 00132 Rome, Italy - Rated 4.4 based on 30 Reviews & quotThe owners are friendly and kind, the pizza & # 232. Jump to. Sections of this page. . Andromeda Travel. Travel Agency. Pizza Chef Rome. Pizza Place. Me you and the coffee. Bar. Peperino Pizzeria.4.4 / 5 (30)

Villa Andromeda, Sardinia Oliver's Travels

    Villa Andromeda is the home for those looking for a little more than your every-day holiday accommodation - full of character, life and bursting with color, this ten-bedroom extravaganza is the place for adventure, activity and lasting memories.This vast home among the trees sits just meters from the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean. Inside, the d & ampeacutecor is rustic, quirky and. Nearest Airport: Cagliari Airport - Mario Mameli, (40 km)


    May 01, 2018 & # 0183 & # 32Today, we’re talking about habits that are totally normal in Italy but would be considered rude to an American (and vice versa). What are some “rude” habits you’ve noticed around the world.

Virginialicious andromeda theater

    Posts about andromeda theater written by Virginialicious. I Monasteri Golf Resort & Spa (Traversa Monasteri di Sotto, 3, 96100 Siracusa SR, Italy) - A hotel restaurant isn’t usually my first choice of a meal, but every single meal at this place was unbelievable! Also, the fox. The first night we walked out to the outdoor dining area, we saw an animal around tables.

Why This Is Florence’s Most Legendary Steak House.

    Jul 08, 2019 & # 0183 & # 32T-bone steak is a delicacy Florence, Italy. The city has a strong meat culture and strict rules when it comes to how its steaks are cut, grilled, and even served. We visited Trattoria Dall'Oste, a.

Discover your talent with the Little Stars in "The Talented Detective"!

The film premiered last week in Bucharest "The talented detective", the most recent Romanian production for children. The film was watched by 400 guests at the Movieplex cinema, in Plaza Romania. All the protagonists of the film are between 6 and 12 years old and are graduates Film and Television School for Children Little Stars ”, a non-governmental educational project, unique in Romania, which promotes young talents and quality cinema for children.

The "talented detective" is the seventh episode of the detective series produced by the Little Stars School. In the previous episode, two of the main characters Erica (Erika Rantes, 10 years old) and Alexia (Alexia Andrei, 12 years old) won the talent contest with the show & # 8222Andromeda & # 8221, and the prize consisted of 3 days of filming on the sets of Castel Film. In the new episode, the girls, extremely happy, get to work. Only they lack a tasty subject. Inspired by the near reality, I decide to make a film with detectives. And who can be more suitable for the lead role, if not the Detective himself (Matei Burgui, 12 years old)? It remains to be seen, however, how much acting talent he has, especially as with Silviu (Silviu Ciuperca, 11 years old) has to solve a new case: a little girl with family problems.

Ariana Pendiuc It is the director of the film, and his sister, Ema Pendiuc, It is producer. In this formula, together with a team of young professionals, the filmmakers have built an impressive record, in which they have no less than 6 films selected at the Cannes Film Festival. They are the founders of the Little Stars School, a project in which they made 25 films for children, most of them with educational themes.

Ema Pendiuc states: “25 productions seems like a significant number, but it is small if we think about how many ideas we have. We also want to reach number 125. ”, and Ariana Pendiuc (film director) adds:“ This film highlights the importance of a solid relationship between parents, as well as how necessary it is to discover and cultivate the talent of each child in time. It can be in the field of film, television or any other field. "

Video: ΦΘΕΙΡΟΜΑΙ - ΑΝΔΡΟΜΕΔΑ (August 2022).