Evite.com to Launch Paper Invitations

Evite.com to Launch Paper Invitations

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Check out how the online invitation guru is segueing into paper invitations

Evite.com is now offering a paper service in addition to its digital one.

The etiquette world is at a standstill when it comes to the seemingly simple task of sending an invitation. On the one hand, you have the modern group who can send an evite with the swift click of a button. On the other, you have the nostalgic crew who love the excitement of receiving something in hand. When you're hosting a party with both of these guest types on your list, you are left in a bit of a quandary.

On Oct. 2, Evite.com announced a new service that will help future hostesses cater to everyone on their list. The service now allows users to create invitations for the digitally (and not so digitally) inclined. Evite Ink will now print invitations on demand and mail them directly to guests.

"At Evite, we’re seeing a longing for the joy of sending and receiving a physical invitation through the mail," said Hans Woolley, president of Evite, in a press release. "With the introduction of Evite Ink, we are marrying the ease and utility of Evite’s traditional online service with the ability to mail out physical invitations to guests, so our community can have the best of both worlds. Our goal is to provide a variety of invitation styles and options that allow our hosts to reflect exactly the kind of celebration they plan to throw."

Users can now log on, design their card, enter in their guests’ information (which is stored in a safe database) and for the price of $2 per card (plus postage), have a paper version of their invite arrive at their guests' doorstep. In hopes of truly creating a hybrid solution, potential guests will receive an opportunity to RSVP with a digital code on the back of the card. There is no minimum quantity, and hosts can mix and match how they invite guests to the same event — via email, social sharing, or printed invitation.

Wary entertainers will no longer have to worry about toeing the line when it comes to choosing between efficiency and etiquette with this easy solution.

DIY Crepe Paper Flowers

There are lots of great reasons to celebrate during spring, and our easy-to-make paper flowers make great decor elements for everything from showers to birthdays to Mother’s Day celebrations. Take a look at our tutorial below and consider adding some wilt-free floral decor to your spring fetes.

  • Crepe paper streamers in desired color(s)
  • Fringe scissors
  • Regular scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Green floral tape
  • Floral wire

Step 1: Cut an 18” piece of yellow streamer, and fringe one side using fringe scissors.

Step 2: Glue piece of yellow fringe to floral wire, uncut-side down.

Step 3: Roll the fringe around the wire and glue the end to secure – this will be the center of your flower. Hold the bottom of the flower center and roll the stem through your fingers so that the ends touch the stem.

Step 4: Roll a bundle of streamer in the color of your choice and cut when you reach your desired size.

Step 5: Cut the loop on both sides of the bundle.

Step 6: Hold the pile of crepe paper together and cut in the shape of a petal.

Step 7: Glue a petal to the center of your flower, wrapping the bottom around the stem.

Step 8: Continue to attach petals with glue, filling in any empty space as you alternate.

Step 9: Repeat steps 4-6 to make leaves out of green streamer, and glue on either side of flower.

Step 10: Glue floral tape to the base of your flower, wrap the floral wire all the way to the bottom of the stem, and glue.

Your paper flowers can be used to accent your party decor in a number of different ways! Try these ideas:

NEXT: Get more DIY ideas or start planning your next get-together by sending one of our Evite online invitations.

Wedding Invitation 101: Where to Start

Happy Monday everyone! I’ll be away for a couple of weeks to catch up on some personal things, but I’m leaving you in EXCELLENT hands while I’m away! Ashley from Fine Day Press graciously agreed to fill in for me this week, and we’re kicking things off with the first installment in a series of posts about wedding invitations! It’s a wonderful primer for anyone feeling overwhelmed by the world of wedding invitations and save the dates. Welcome Ashley!! –Nole

Hey there! Ashley Austin from Fine Day Press here. Nole has kindly invited me to guest blog this week, and I’m super-duper excited to be here sharing some fun posts with you all! Today we’re kicking off a weekly series all about wedding invitations called Wedding Invitation 101. Invitations are a big part of what I do over at Fine Day Press, in addition to greeting cards, calendars and other paper goodies. Over the years, I’ve learned a few tricks to streamline the process, and I’m sharing them with you here.


Your wedding invitations are often the first thing your guests will see it should represent the spirit of the day and set the tone. It’s never too early in the planning process to start envisioning your dream invitations!

Will your wedding be a formal affair or is it more of a barefoot-on-the-beach event? Think about your style as a couple – does gold foil on navy stock suit your style, or will you go for a more romantic vibe with something hand-illustrated?

Maybe you’ve determined your wedding location, chosen your dress, flowers or even selected your color palette… All of these details can inspire your invitation suite. But even if you haven’t figured those biggies out, you can still start dreaming up your perfect paper pairing.


Collecting inspiration is a great way to kick off the process. This could be as simple as making a folder on your computer to save images as you’re browsing wedding blogs, clipping things out of magazines, or creating a Pinterest board specifically for invitation ideas (my personal favorite!). Below is an inspiration board I’ve created for example:

Clockwise from top center: Bouquet via Southbound Bride Hairstyle via Refinery29 Soulmates painted sign Julie Song Ink Invitation by Fine Day Press Envelope & liner by Lana’s Shop Naked cake via Wedding Sparrow Milk & Cream type via Pinterest

Don’t just collect examples of invitations – think about colors, textures, ribbons, flowers, anything that might inspire you – like a throw pillow that’s the perfect shade of coral or the lace detail on the back of a dress.

Start researching stationery shops (whether brick & mortar or online) to identify a few you might like to work with. Found a stationer you like? Most stationery companies allow you to order a sample, so that you can see the paper and quality in person before committing to a bigger purchase. Local shops will have samples on hand for you to touch and feel.


There are as many ready-made invitation styles out there as there are brides-to-be, and finding an existing design can be a great option. Your selected design can often be customized with your colors and typography choice, among other details.

If you love being part of the creative process, or have a very specific design idea for your suite, a custom design may be for you. Crafting a custom design typically takes longer and may involve an initial meeting, moodboard development (this is where that inspiration you’ve collected comes in handy), and multiple rounds of design development. Budget will come into play here as well, as creating a from-scratch design requires significantly more hands-on time and pricing usually reflects this.


Sending out a Save the Date is a great way to give everyone on your list a heads up on your plans, and set the tone for the invitation to follow. Save the Dates are a great opportunity to do a less formal version of your invitation – for example, a magnet, a balloon or even a temporary tattoo are fun ideas! If you are having a destination wedding in a far-flung locale, a Save the Date is a must, in order to give your guests sufficient time to plan their travels.

A beautiful printed Save the Date from Designer Rolodex member Sable & Gray

Are mailed Save the Dates a must-do? Not necessarily! If you are getting out your invitations super early, you could skip it. Or perhaps your wedding is small enough that word of mouth is sufficient until the invitations are sent. Some folks may prefer to send a digital Save the Date. This can also serve to direct guests to your wedding website. Keep in mind, though, that less digitally-savvy relatives (hi, Grams!) may feel left out with this option.

We’ll cover invitation timing in greater detail in a future installment of this series!

How to Make Football Brownies | Crafting the Party

These easy football brownies are a fun and simple treat to enjoy for a football party or tailgate! I’m excited to show you how to make them on Evite’s IGTV series, Crafting the Party.

When it comes to game day events, I keep my food simple and hearty, so I can focus on fun with friends instead of prep. I love how quick and easy brownies are to make—a huge plus for me when I’m busy getting ready for a party.

Meanwhile, themed food is a simple way to make your event special. For tailgating, I love including football-themed decorations, serving-ware, and of course, dessert. These tasty little brownies are a delicious and convenient sweet treat to take along tailgating.

  • 2 boxes of your favorite brownie mix and the ingredients listed on the box
  • Cookie sheet
  • Football-shaped cookie cutter
  • Icing

1. To begin, prepare the brownies according to package instructions. My directions called for water, oil, and eggs. On the box, it will tell you how to make the brownies more cake-like or fudgy. I would suggest making them more cake-like so that the footballs cut neatly and holds shape.

2. Pour the batter on a greased cookie sheet—not the 8࡮ pan you would typically use for brownies. This will offer a more ideal height when cutting into footballs.

3. Bake brownies according to package instructions.

4. Once your brownies are baked and completely cool, use the football cookie cutter to slice through the brownies.

5. Use the icing to decorate the football brownie shapes like threads on a football.

6. Serve your brownies on a football-themed platter, and enjoy!

Now, rally football fans for game day with this matching Premium Invitation:

Find more crafting ideas or event inspirations, visit Evite’s Instagram .

1. Invite a Group of Girlfriends to Join You

Create a list of friends that enjoy cooking, are looking to simplify their meal making routine, who always make the best dishes, or who simply enjoy a fun girls’ night in. Head over to Evite.com to choose your invitation template from their Premium selection of designs. With Evite’s New Annual Premium Pass, you have access to unlimited, customizable designs and extras with one annual fee – perfect for sending out invitations for those monthly get-togethers without worrying about extra costs. Personalize your online invitation with your event’s details, then customize it with envelope options, photos or inserts. Then, simply send out your invitation via email and/or text messages to your guest list.

Evite Premium invitations combine the flexibility of digital invitations, with the look of printed ones. They are the perfect way to invite guests to enjoy your recipe exchange party!

Hard Copy Wedding Anniversary Invitation Ideas

Hard copy invitations are a classic and classy way to invite guests to the anniversary celebration. They can have a custom design or be budget-friendly, and sometimes even both!

Here are the best hard copy invite styles to consider:

Handwritten Anniversary Party Invitations

Give each of the invitations a bespoke touch by handwriting the invites. You can include all of the necessary info.

Computer Printout Invitation

If you want a professional looking invite design but don’t want to wait, simply print out your own right from your home PC. You can use colored paper and ink to get the look you want.

DIY Invitations – Visit our Anniversary Pinterest Boards for great Ideas!

Put your creativity to work with a cool DIY invitation. You can choose the paper type and color, add the info, and include any artwork or embellishments you desire. There are so many fun ways to design handmade anniversary party invitations.

Generic Store Bought Invitation – These can be found at local Dollar Store or Party Supply Store

Generic invitations make life easy because they come ready to go. All you need to do is fill in the party details, address the envelopes, add postage, and send them off to the invitees.

Custom Invitation – You can find great vendors on Etsy!

Have an Etsy artist design a custom look to suit your party’s specific style. It’s the perfect way to achieve a one of a kind invite for such a special event.

How to TEXT an Evite Invitation for Your Next Party

Holiday season is right around the corner which means the party invites will be abundant. Yep, Evite free invitations will be everywhere for all the holiday parties, cookie exchanges, Thanksgiving get-togethers, Hanukkah events and more that you will be planning or invited to.

I&rsquove been using Evite free invitations year-round for all my birthday party, baby shower, and holiday event invitations for years. It&rsquos always been my go-to digital invitation service because it&rsquos just so darn easy to bring my friends and family together for whatever event I may be planning.

I&rsquom excited to share with you that Evite is making it easy EASIER to save time, invite everyone and get your invitation seen sooner by inviting guests by text message. Yep, you read that right &ndash you can now send free text invites! Woop! Woop!

Whether is it a Evite Birthday Party or an Evite Baby Shower, sending text message invitations is so easy!

Evite is the first digital free invitation service to allow party and event hosts to send invitations by text message. You can invite all your guests at once via phone number or email address via your iPhone or Android and get their invitations seen sooner!

This is fantastic for not only EVERYONE but especially for those people who may not check their emails as frequently but always are available via text. No more missing that invite because it got buried in your email inbox because you will get it via invitation text!!

We are so excited about the new free text invites option for Evite free invitations that we decided to show you exactly how easy it is in today&rsquos Baby Gizmo video!

While there are SO many Evite templates to choose from (or you can design your own!), here is what my next &ldquoMom&rsquos Night Out&rdquo invite looks like. Yes, I changed the place/address so that I can keep it to my small group. 😉

Hopefully, you watched the video but I wanted to end with my favorite things about the new text option with Evite.

  1. Inviting friends and family to parties and events just got that much easier.
  2. I can do it all from my iPhone (IOS) or Android.
  3. My friends/family won&rsquot miss my invite if it gets buried in their email box.
  4. My Evite invites get to the recipients that much faster via text.
  5. People who don&rsquot check their email regularly but always have their phone on them will get my text invites that much faster.
  6. I get notifications on my phone when my friends/family RSVP.

If you are planning a holiday party, birthday party, baby shower, bat mitzvah, Sweet 16 Birthday or any upcoming event, I highly recommend you check out the new Evite &ldquoText to Party&rdquo option. You can find all the information here: EVITE TEXT TO PARTY

*Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Evite. As always, all thoughts, opinions and statements are my own.

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10 Beautiful Recipe Cards That Make a Sweet Bridal Shower Gift

Fill up a bride's recipe box with dinners, desserts, and other favored recipes from her friends and family. Here, 10 blank recipe cards for bridal showers.

Recipes are a gift. They&aposre a way to share food, whether you&aposre there in person or only in spirit. Any time someone needs a casserole or cake they know won&apost fail, recipes are the go-to source of inspiration and guidance. That&aposs also what makes recipes a great gift for bridal showers. In fact, bridal shower hostesses frequently ask guests to share their most loved recipes so brides and grooms can fill their recipe boxes. If you&aposre hosting, send the blank cards with the invitation so guests can write their beloved recipes and slip them in their cards. You can also hand them out at the bridal shower with stamped and addressed envelopes and ask the guests to mail their favorite dishes to the new couple before their wedding date.

Here, we gathered 10 blank recipe cards that are beautiful enough to be their own gift. We also found three fantastic recipe box options if you want to package all the recipes in one nice gift for the newlyweds. To protect the hand-written cards, consider including recipe card protectors so the cards will be protected against spills and splatters.

Evite: Online Invitations, RSVPs and Photo Sharing for iOS

Evite for iPhone, Evite.com&aposs companion iOS app, is incredibly useful for creating, sending, and tracking visually striking invitations for all of your milestone events -- from birthday parties to weddings and more.

Easy to navigate: The barebones Evite for iPhone app is easy to get around. On the default homepage, you can toggle between your Upcoming and Past invites up top, so they&aposre at your fingertips. Tap Create Invitation in the center of the page or the plus sign at the bottom to begin generating or selecting your invite. Tap Notifications on the top right to see any alerts.

Highly searchable: Once you tap the Create Invitation button, you can search the app&aposs thousands of invitation designs by scrolling down the page through popular templates, doing a keyword search, or tapping Browse and exploring the alphabetized categories -- everything from Activism to Winter Games.

Thousands of invitation designs: We can&apost say enough about Evite&aposs extensive array of stylish and sophisticated design templates. Better yet, new ones are added all the time, and many of them are free. If you want to up the fancy factor, you can opt for premium evites, which range in price from $12.99 for up to 15 guests to $49.99 for up to 750 guests.

Easy to create and customize invites: Create your own invitation from scratch or tap on any existing invitation template and add your event details, such as Title, Date, Location, and Message. You can personalize them further with your camera roll photos.

Tap the More Options button on the top right to do things like allowing guests to bring people with them or alternately limit the guest list. You can also hide the guest list from attendees. You can also choose to get emails to alert you when guests RSVP or comment. If certain guests are slacking on RSVPing, you can send them nudges in the form of reminders. You can also send guests any updates, like a change in time or location.

Google Maps integration: With Evite&aposs new Google Maps integration, the app can save you time by pre-populating addresses as you begin entering a location for your event.

Email or text invites: The ability to invite your phone or Evite contacts to your event by email or text message can&apost be discounted in this day and age when you may only have email addresses for coworkers and family and texting info for friends.Real-time tracking: You can see who&aposs viewed and RSVPed to your event in real time.

No autosave: After spending an hour creating or customizing that perfect invitation and adding your guest list, you don&apost want to lose all that hard work should you lose connectivity or accidentally close your invite before saving. So make sure you tap the Save Draft button as frequently as possible while working on your invite. But it would be great if the app autosaved your invites as you went along.

Watch the video: How to create a simple email invitation (May 2022).