12 Extreme Concierge Requests Slideshow

Four Seasons Resort Whistler

After taking a helicopter tour to a glacier, this very excited couple came back carrying a large cube of ice in a brown box. He requested that we ship it back to South Carolina, perfectly intact. So, we went to work finding a freezer box to hold the huge cube and arranged pickup of the box (with military precision) to make sure Vancouver was the cube's last stop before South Carolina. The guests called to say it arrived in perfect condition! — Hana Lynn, Chef Concierge at Four Seasons Resort Whistler

Travaasa Austin

There is one guest that none of us will ever forget. She couldn't have been lovelier, but she was very particular about eating — she only ate green food. Like the color green, not just healthy, leafy greens. Our chefs got really creative, serving everything with green sauces. Thank goodness for herbs! If we'd had green plates, we would have served her on those. — Tricia Freeman, Guest Services Coordinator at Travaasa Austin

XV Beacon: Boston

One guest requested we make 100 vanilla cupcakes for his marriage proposal. He asked that we cover the king-size bed with the cupcakes so that they spelled out "Will You Marry Me?" with a big heart in the center. We accented the cupcakes with beautiful white rose petals and the proposal went off without a hitch! — Michael Fay, Concierge at XV Beacon

Charleston Place

We have a family that comes to stay every year for their kids' birthdays and they throw elaborate dinner celebrations. Did we mention that last year marked their son's seventh birthday? His menu included Kushi oysters, curried mussels, fried rattlesnake, grilled kangaroo, and he specifically requested that the cake was not mundane. (They made a Spanish vanilla cake with chocolate hazelnut mousse.) His sister's ninth birthday spread included foie gras, squab, and Chilton County Alabama peaches (her favorite) were flown in. — Michelle Weaver, Executive Chef at Charleston Place

Vail Cascade Resort

A sheik was undergoing knee surgery in the area and stayed with us, with his large (30-plus) entourage. Since his stay was during Ramadan, he requested to use our kitchen and asked that no one else use that kitchen. The staff all pitched in, procuring a whole lamb and much more. We then found out another sheik was staying in Beaver Creek nearby, so we proceeded to have a "cook-off" of sorts with our staff running back and forth with the ingredients! — Steve Trombetta, Director of Guest Services at Vail Cascade Resort

W Hotel Hawaii

I once had a guest (at the now closed W Hotel in Honolulu) on a very strict diet that consisted only of certain raw vegetables and raw fish. She didn't want to eat typical sushi, though, for fear that it wouldn't be as fresh as she would have liked. So I arranged an itamae (master sushi chef) to prepare dinners for her each evening in her suite. She was amazed and thrilled at all this fresh sushi prepared for her exclusively. — Gordon Berry

Enchantment Resort Sedona

I think we all loved working with a couple who came for their anniversary. They wanted to celebrate with a helicopter flight and private dinner on top of one of the red rock formations in the Coconino National Forest surrounding Sedona. Since helicopters can't land on those red rocks, we had to find a privately owned place, which we did. They landed on the rocks at the Seven Canyons golf course and enjoyed a private, romantic dinner prepared by our chef. — Kathryn Haney, Lead Concierge at Enchantment Resort

The Stanley Hotel: Estes Park, Colo.

Our most memorable request came from a couple who wanted to know if it was possible to dine with Mr. and Mrs. Stanley's ghosts at the hotel's Cascades Restaurant. We do have a paranormal investigator on staff, but their request is still one for the books. — Bonnie Watson, Concierge at The Stanley Hotel

DUKES London Hotel

We once had an American guest who asked for an onion ring the size of his head. He literally wanted the biggest onion ring we could find, so I spoke to a couple of steakhouses and arranged for them to make some. We had them ready for when he and his family arrived. — Ian Steiger, Concierge at DUKES London Hotel

Loews Coronado Bay Resort: San Diego

One of my favorite requests was from a guest who wanted to propose, but felt he needed the comfort and strength of his mother's cooking to really do it right. So he asked our chefs to copy his mother's cooking, which they replicated exactly for their meal. The proposal was a big hit — she said yes. — Gordon Berry, Concierge at Loews Coronado Bay Resort

Omni Bedford Springs Resort: Bedford, Pa.

We had a couple staying with us for five days and their allergies were vast. She had a gluten allergy and he had an allergy to... unfiltered water. Everything we made for him used distilled water, but what made it even tougher was that they loved spicy and flavorful foods! All his dishes had to start completely dry, all of his plates had to be completely dry, and even his morning coffee was made with distilled water in a separate coffee pot. — Chef David Noto, Chef at Omni Bedford Springs Resort

MGM Grand: Las Vegas

We had one guest who requested Ossetra caviar to be delivered to his room. We scoured the Strip to find this specific type of caviar and finally recalled that Mix at THEhotel at Mandalay Bay had it on their menu. We got the caviar and promptly served it to his room on a block of ice. — Casey Pursell, Concierge Supervisor at MGM Grand

12 Extreme Concierge Requests Slideshow - Recipes

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What's Hot on the Concierge List

Emma Sherrard Matthew's job as chief executive of concierge company Quintessentially Asia-Pacific is to know what's hot. She is well acquainted with the whims of Asia's wealthy: The Hong Kong office has handled requests ranging from encrusting a mobile phone and iPod with diamonds to finding seven Rolls-Royces of the same color for a wedding.

Ms. Matthew, who was born in Singapore and raised in Hong Kong and the U.K., helped launch Quintessentially's Hong Kong office in 2005, one of the brand's 60 branches world-wide. The company is based on membership. The number of members in the Asia-Pacific region is capped at 2,000 and membership fees start at 4,000 Hong Kong dollars (US$516) a year, though they can go as high as HK$70,000 for 24-hour service. According to Ms. Matthew, members range from wealthy 20-somethings to a 72-year-old Chinese businessperson.

Ms. Matthew says she has seen a shift in the company's membership base toward more Chinese and fewer expatriates. Concierge service is consistent with the Hong Kong lifestyle, she says. After all, "people in Hong Kong are used to outsourcing parts of their lives. They already have drivers, personal assistants and amahs."

See the slideshowto see what Ms. Matthew is keeping an eye on these days.

A Farm Grows in the City

At AeroFarms’ indoor vertical farm in Newark, N.J., greens grow on shelves 36 feet high.

Betsy McKay

Billions of people around the world live far from where their food is grown.

It’s a big disconnect in modern life. And it may be about to change.

The world’s population is expected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050, 33% more people than are on the planet today, according to projections from the United Nations. About two-thirds of them are expected to live in cities, continuing a migration that has been under way around the world for years.

That’s a lot of mouths to feed, particularly in urban areas. Getting food to people who live far from farms—sometimes hundreds or thousands of miles away—is costly and strains natural resources. And heavy rains, droughts and other extreme weather events can threaten supplies.

Now more startups and city authorities are finding ways to grow food closer to home. High-tech “vertical farms” are sprouting inside warehouses and shipping containers, where lettuce and other greens grow without soil, stacked in horizontal or vertical rows and fed by water and LED lights, which can be customized to control the size, texture or other characteristic of a plant.

Getting Married

At one point, as we tried to determine out if we could repair the shattered glass from my request for postponing the wedding, my fiancé said, “I’m afraid if we don’t get married now we never will.” I took that in and replied, “Is it better to break up now or get a divorce later?” Silence.

Had I gotten married I think there would have been several different storylines of damage. I think my friends would have been damaged from my demand for perfection and extreme adherence to my wedding vision. The entire focus was the wedding because I knew I didn’t want to get married but thought I could deceive myself into thinking I could just have a perfect wedding to make up for that.

This would be year two of being married. At this point I would have made the decision to double-down, never tell anyone it was a mistake and put on a grand façade. Classic enneagram 3. The other alternative would be that I would have filed for divorce or in the process of it. I would be 30, married, a step-mother and step-grandmother and a stranger to myself.

I truly don’t see how our relationship would have recovered in any state. Whether he knew I was having doubts or not. Whether he liked it or not.

This storyline is the summary of what I say frequently, “At the end of the day, no one else has to live with but yourself.” You need to be utterly in love with that person first before you even think about loving someone else.

Dress: Exact (wearing a 12) | Coat: Exact (wearing a 12) | Tights: Exact | Booties: Similar | Purse: Exact

Welcome to CoyInlays

I believe it can be argued that a gold crown restoration on a posterior implant is the most reliable and compatible restoration for this area. Producing a nice casting this large can prove to be difficult. We have developed a technique to lighten the pattern that produces a dense, accurate casting.

Lightening the pattern produces a more accurate casting. Where there is less mass affected by the shrinkage of gold that happens as the gold solidifies in the invested pattern, there is less error. Pure gold shrinks by 1.64 percent. When you are working with a pattern of this size, you really notice the improved fit of the casting.

The difficulty in hollowing these patterns, especially for a stock abutment, is due to the narrowness of the neck. It does not provide very good access to hollow the pattern. This technique allows increased access to lighten the pattern.

It will take a large bulk
of wax to create a
restoration that is full

Start by waxing the case to full contour.

Sometimes when you wax a gold implant you will make the occlusal table narrow or you might under contour the pattern in order to save on gold and make a better casting. With this technique, you can wax patterns to full contour and have confidence in your casting.

After waxing, use a wax bur to cut through the buckle surface through to the lingual, so the abutment is exposed.

Exposing the abutment is how the investment will get into the hollow cavity. When removing this much wax, it is best to use a wax bur. The burs we use are available at *Stellar.

Once the cavity is hollowed, begin to close the buckle and lingual openings

Carefully add wax to the perimeter of the openings, moving in a spiral direction to close the hole. Be sure not to encroach upon the hollow space. Once these are closed, you are ready to put the casting on a sprew former.

We use a number eight round sprew, approximately 8 mm long.

For sprewing, be careful to leave yourself a thick area and place the sprew well within the confines of the thick area. Placing your sprew too close to the hollowed area is a recipe for suck back and will produces a porous casting.

Investing can be a little bit tricky.

The investment has to fill the cavity from the inside of the crown. We use a long camel hair brush to be sure that bubbles do not form in the cavity.

When casting, be sure to throw plenty of gold. To get an accurate assessment of how much gold will be in your restoration, you can weigh your wax pattern in grams and multiply is by the density of the gold you are using. I would use at least 2.5 times this number.

Lightening any pattern will benefit the fit and finish. A gold implant crown is an extreme case.

Thank you to Dr. McBride in Long Beach, California for the clinical photos.

*Stuller wax burs can be found at stuller.com

  • Gold is natural.
  • Gold is permanent.
  • Gold is pliable.
  • Gold contributes to better health.
  • Gold is strong, but forgiving.
  • Gold is hygienic.
  • Gold is versatile.
  • Gold expands and contracts, just like your teeth do.

You can read about them here or request a brochure.

Friday, August 21, 2015 10:50 A.M.

Our hearts are heavy as we mourn the loss of three fallen firefighters. The three were part of an elite force tasked with scoping out the size of the wildfire before others were sent in. On Wednesday, while making the preliminary trip to determine the size of the fire, their vehicle crashed and was overtaken by flames before they could escape. Continue Reading…

Ever destroyed an expensive implant case due to a miscast? Well let me tell you, I have had the misfortune to have destroyed three units of a splinted UCLA abutment in one miscast.

It can be difficult to ensure the investment gets through the cylindrical hole in the wax pattern. This challenge is faced when working with a multiple part post, a UCLA abutment, or a vented crown. It can leave you wondering while the investment sets did we have success? Continue Reading…

Many of the Tucker type preparations for gold can be used for porcelain with a few minor changes. In general, the prep for e-max should be simple in outline, and have more draw and clearance than gold. We are using e-max to produce these porcelain restorations. Continue Reading…

Participants will be preparing on Friday, Laboratory work on Saturday, and seating on Sunday.

If interested in attending as a member or guest, please contact Dr. Bob Modrowski

The Dead Files

Need Amy and Steve to investigate YOUR property? Now's your chance. Submit stories and photos here.

About the Hosts

Amy Allan

Paranormal researcher and physical medium Amy Allan works with retired homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi on The Dead Files to help people who believe paranormal activity is ruining their lives.

Steve DiSchiavi

Former US Marine Steve DiSchiavi is a 21-year veteran of the New York City Police Department, where he was a homicide detective. Using his investigative skills, Steve digs into the history of his clients’ homes, often finding dark and tragic events which could help explain what they’re going through.

About the Show

On The Dead Files, physical medium Amy Allan and retired NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi combine their unique and often conflicting skills to solve unexplained paranormal phenomena in haunted locations across America.


No Peace at Home

Steve and Amy investigate a family's dream home turned paranormal nightmare in Michigan. They then confront an evil entity wreaking havoc on a once-peaceful home in Virginia.

The Bethlehem Haunting - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Steve and Amy investigate violent paranormal activity terrorizing a vulnerable mother and her young child. During her late night walk, Amy encounters several entities, including a dead man who is hell-bent on possessing and tormenting the living.

A Watery Grave

Amy and Steve investigate claims that a North Carolina man is being terrorized by a ghost. The young man says he spent his high school years afraid of his own home and continues to worry for his safety now that he's returned to begin his graduate studies.

Pandora's Box

Steve and Amy investigate reports of bizarre paranormal activity at a family's home in Blackshear, GA, that includes kitchen cabinets being ripped from the hinges.

Perfect Storm

Steve and Amy investigate a poltergeist at a frightened family's home in Delaware, OH. During their separate yet equally intense investigations, Steve uncovers one of the most bizarre deaths he’s ever seen, while Amy runs into many dark entities, including a sociopathic woman.

Legion of Death - Spartanburg, South Carolina

Steve and Amy investigate paranormal activity overwhelming a family in rural South Carolina. Steve unearths the legend of a ruthless Revolutionary War soldier, while Amy is overcome by negative energy at every turn in the haunted home.

It Feeds - Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Steve and Amy investigate a dangerous poltergeist attacking an entire family in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. While Steve discovers an historic graveyard on the property, Amy encounters a vicious entity intent on tormenting the living.

Tangled - Berlin Heights, Ohio

Steve and Amy investigate vicious supernatural activity tormenting a mother and her two daughters. During her late night walk, Amy encounters a menacing dead woman who physically assaults the living and an insidious vine-like entity.

Battle of the Undead

Dead Rising - Jones, Alabama

Steve and Amy travel to Alabama to help a family being torn apart by menacing entities hellbent on destroying their home and business. During her walk, Amy encounters a vicious group of dead men and a powerful shadow man who torments the living.

Tangled - Berlin Heights, Ohio

Steve and Amy investigate vicious supernatural activity tormenting a mother and her two daughters. During her late night walk, Amy encounters a menacing dead woman who physically assaults the living and an insidious vine-like entity.

Battle of the Undead

Dead Rising - Jones, Alabama

Steve and Amy travel to Alabama to help a family being torn apart by menacing entities hellbent on destroying their home and business. During her walk, Amy encounters a vicious group of dead men and a powerful shadow man who torments the living.

Dead Files: Arctic Wrath

Steve and Amy investigate reports of dangerous paranormal activity at a hotel in the remote village of Central, Alaska.

A Banshee's Cry

Steve and Amy investigate reports of violent paranormal activity at Smalley’s Inn & Restaurant in upstate New York. While Steve digs up the facts surrounding the terrifying eyewitness accounts, Amy confronts aggressive entities that desperately want her to leave.


When a terrified woman from St. Louis claims that something paranormal pushed her down the stairs, Steve and Amy step in to investigate.

Bent on Revenge - Sicily Island, LA

Steve and Amy investigate sinister paranormal activity at a Louisiana home. Steve uncovers evidence of a cruel plantation owner who perished during the American Civil War, while Amy confronts the vengeful leader of a dangerous group of shadow people.

Contempt - North Haven, Connecticut

Retired NYPD homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi and physical medium Amy Allan investigate disturbing claims of hateful paranormal activity in a family home in North Haven, Connecticut. Steve delves into the cruel past of a ruthless businesswoman, as well as one of the most savage homicides in North Haven history. Meanwhile, Amy discovers a dangerous psychokinetic manifestation and an evil female entity with two malicious henchmen.

The Lady in Black - Marshalltown, Iowa

Steve and Amy investigate unusual activity tormenting a husband-and-wife team of paranormal investigators. During her unsettling late-night walk, Amy encounters the spirit of a malicious dead woman set on taking the life of the innocent.

Bury the Truth

Steve and Amy investigate claims that the ghost of a murdered socialite haunts a historic Montana home. They then uncover long-buried secrets at a California home where phantoms have haunted a family for generations.

Deadly Intentions - New Franken, Wisconsin

Steve and Amy investigate violent activity in New Franken, Wisconsin, that's ruining a woman's hopes of opening her dream business. While Steve learns of two tragedies in the area, Amy encounters an army of shadow people hellbent on death, doom and destruction.

The Lady in Black - Marshalltown, Iowa

Steve and Amy investigate unusual activity tormenting a husband-and-wife team of paranormal investigators. During her unsettling late-night walk, Amy encounters the spirit of a malicious dead woman set on taking the life of the innocent.

Bury the Truth

Steve and Amy investigate claims that the ghost of a murdered socialite haunts a historic Montana home. They then uncover long-buried secrets at a California home where phantoms have haunted a family for generations.

Deadly Intentions - New Franken, Wisconsin

Steve and Amy investigate violent activity in New Franken, Wisconsin, that's ruining a woman's hopes of opening her dream business. While Steve learns of two tragedies in the area, Amy encounters an army of shadow people hellbent on death, doom and destruction.

Blood on the Tracks

Steve and Amy investigate paranormal activity at a newlywed’s home in Garrett, IN. While Steve exposes the property’s history of scandal and death, Amy encounters an entity lurking in the shadows.

Demon War

During their separate and harrowing investigations, Steve researches the corrupt, troubled history of a previous homeowner's life, while Amy's late-night walk through a family home in Toledo, OH, brings her face to face with multiple opposing entities.

When my 10-year-old wanted to shave her pubic hair, I couldn’t say no

When your 10-year-old screams from the bathroom that they need your help right now, you moan and grumble to yourself that you thought potty training was supposed to free you from these particular shackles. What you don’t do is assume that they’re about to ask you if they can shave off all their pubic hair.

Welcome to the new world order, where pediatricians are now seeing girls who’ve just hit puberty grooming their nether regions. The docs say younger girls are being pushed to go bare because of social media, peer pressure and even internet porn.

But before you start locking down all your kid’s gadgets, let me offer up a slightly less terrifying scenario, courtesy of my own bathroom.

A new survey shows that 62 percent of women prefer to completely remove their pubic hair, while 84 percent say they do at least some grooming. I fall into camp two, someone who has trimmed the bush for years. We have a relatively open-door bathroom policy in our house, and my 10-year-old has walked in on me ‘scaping the pubes a few times over the years.

So when I got that scream from across the house, “Mom, can I get rid of my pubic hair?” wasn’t totally off-the-wall.

Her hair had been filling in slowly for more than a year and had now reached a point where it was poking out all sides of her underwear. Her request was simple: “Can I shave this?” she asked, pointing at her naked (hair-covered) crotch.

Of course I launched into a litany of reasons that it’s perfectly normal, and she shouldn’t feel like she has to get rid of it, and no one should be seeing that part of her body right now but her and blah, blah, blah, insert droning mom voice here. That part wasn’t new to her she has several puberty books on her shelves, and I’d explained what pubic hair is the first time she found me trimming.

Her response was pretty much, “Yeah, I know, so, uh, can we talk about shaving now?”

This was not going away. So I asked the obvious question: “Why do you want to shave it?”

“It feels weird,” was the answer, “and it gets stuck in my underwear.”

Hard to argue with that. It’s exactly why I trim &mdash well, that and the fact that long curlies getting stuck in the adhesive on the underside of a light-day pad is pure hell. And while I don’t remember much about being her age, I do remember it being really freakin’ weird to have my body changing in a million ways that I couldn’t control.

This was not to make her look like something out of a porno flick. This was not because of social media or her peers. This was because she’s a kid who is being made uncomfortable by something that doesn’t need to make her uncomfortable.

The first time, I did the shaving to teach her how it’s done. Heeding the warnings that kids tend to get infections from shaving because they’re not terribly good at it, I then picked up a grooming kit that was less than $25, with both an adjustable blade and a guard. She hasn’t gotten to the point where she’s asked to shave again &mdash nor am I pushing her to do it again &mdash but if she does, I’ll be teaching her how to use the kit.

Because growing up is hard. If I can make it just a little bit easier, I will.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

Image: Tomwang112/Getty Images

Common Requests

I need a plumber. My kid flushed a small doll down the guest room toilet. Can you get someone here ASAP?

I'm a guy, I live alone, and my house is kinda filthy. What are my (cheap) regular housekeeper options?

My favorite pair of pants ripped. They're from Banana Republic, here's the number on the tag. Can you see if they still have any in size 32 x 30 in black or blue?

Can you call around and find a place close to zip 10009 that has the new iPad in stock? I need one by this weekend.

I'm looking for Mirror Pond Beer, but they don't sell it here in NYC. Can you find a place that will ship it, and have a case sent to my office?

Can you call Time Warner cable and cancel Showtime for me? Here's my account number, but if you need to, patch me in to verify my security details.

Can you send me a breakdown of all the different restaurants in Eataly? What different types of food do they serve, do they take reservations, and what are their hours of operation?

Can you find me 5 non-divey bars in downtown Manhattan that serve picklebacks?

Please find me a Benihana-style restaurant in Chicago that serves hibachi salmon and book a reservation for next Thursday between 6-8pm for 4 people.

Can you call 3 hardware stores in my neighborhood to find out how much they charge to copy elevator keys, and what are their operating hours?

Can you order a couple of the highest rated books about screenwriting on Amazon and have them sent to my house?

Can you find five banks within five miles from my home that have extra large safety deposit boxes, and send me the monthly prices for rental?

I need to find a nice hotel in Austin that will let me bring my 40-pound dog. Is there an extra fee?

Find me 5 hotels in uptown or midtown New York for next week (Monday - Friday) that have good reviews, a gym, and are less than $250/night.

I'm taking my family to Honolulu, Hawaii next month. Can you please create a powerpoint slideshow of some cool family-friendly things to do during our stay so I can present it to my wife and kids?

Can you book an appointment for my daughter Kaylie to get her teeth cleaned with her dentist, Dr. Alper, any weekday after school (3:30pm) in March?

We're going to Park City, Utah for Christmas. Can you get me the contact info of five reputable babysitters in the area?

Please email me a list of all sleep-away camps in Texas and include the dates and duration, cost, miles away from Dallas, and features. Please include links to any official marketing videos.

5 of the Most Over-the-Top Dining Experiences

After eating three to four meals a day for a few decades, dinners at the kitchen table tend to get dull. Cut through the day-to-day drudgery with one of these epic dining experiences, which promise a whole new perspective on the term eating out.

Brooke Siem is a professional chef, writer and thyme traveler currently meandering around the world. Follow her adventures on Instagram at @brookesiem or sign up for her newsletter at brookesiem.com.

When&rsquos the last time you conquered your fear of heights while sipping free Champagne and knocking back a few oysters? With Dinner in the Sky, you and an entire waitstaff are strapped into a roller coaster-like seat and suspended by a crane, 150 feet into the air. There, you eat an unforgettable meal while soaking in 360-degree views of some of the most beautiful cities in the world, including Vancouver and Berlin.

Photo: Dinner In The Sky Österreich via Facebook

Pop-up dinners are always a welcome surprise, but what about a pop-up 100-course dinner? Or a fine dining lunch served on the L train? How about a life-size Monopoly-themed gala, complete with a dining jail, giant playing pieces and popcorn ice cream? Based in NYC, A Razor, a Shiny Knife is a full-service creative agency that brings fantasy and culinary adventure to life to individuals and corporations around the world.

This high-altitude dinner, courtesy of the Four Seasons in Whistler, British Columbia, begins with a helicopter ride (and Moёt Champagne) over the mountainous landscape. Guests disembark on a nearby glacier and suit up with cleats and coats to explore untouched ice caves. Then, it&rsquos down to brass tacks: a cocktail hour (complete with glacial ice guests have foraged themselves) and a gourmet dinner with epic views.

Photo: Four Seasons Hotel, Whistler

Located in Kemi, Finland, the SnowCastle is the biggest snow fort in the world. Rebuilt every year and kept at a balmy -5 degrees Celsius, the SnowCastle is also home to an all-ice restaurant that serves local fare, like cheesy reindeer soup and lamb with rowanberry jelly.

Twenty countries. Twenty restaurants. Twenty months. One Star House Party is the ambitious brainchild of three &ldquocategorically homeless&rdquo chefs who travel around the world and create pop-up restaurants using whatever resources and locations they stumble upon. The result? High-end, locally influenced dinners cooked and served on a passenger train in Vietnam, the beaches of Oman and the base of Mount Everest. Upcoming locations include Mexico City and Buenos Aires.

Ease Into KonMari With This Unintimidating Beginner's Guide

By now, the KonMari method is probably nothing new to you. In fact, these days it is basically synonymous with words like declutter and organize, and those who have taken the leap cannot stop raving about its astonishing benefits. Many KonMari enthusiasts even cite that both their happiness and quality of life have exponentially increased after applying the specific techniques inside their homes. And if you have done any investigating yourself, you probably have already figured out that while it sounds very enticing, it is a method that requires a ton of self-discipline and commitment.

If you are curious to give it a go, but aren't fully ready for a complete lifestyle change yet, read on for some tips on how to introduce a lighter version of the KonMari method into your own home.

Watch the video: ENIGMA - After Effects Template - Vibrant Slideshow (January 2022).