Multiply the flower

Knead a classic pizza dough according to the quantities in the recipe.

I used fresh yeast, a very good new Hungarian yeast. I can't wait to test it on bread as well.

Spread a large, not too thick sheet (about 5 mm). Cut the center with a bowl and the petals with a slightly smaller one but not much because we stretch the circle in the center. We flatten the edges of the middle circle with the twister so that the top does not thicken badly when the petals overlap. Grease the overlapping area or the entire center with egg yolk to stick the petals. With the rest of the yolk, grease the circumference of the petals so that they are golden on the edges. Mix two tablespoons of your favorite tomato paste or Univer ketchup with oregano, pepper and basil. We thin it with water if it is too thick. Grease only the petals with broth leaving the golden edges of the yolk. We do not grease the center because there is the recipe for white carbonarra pizza. Fill the middle and each petal with a little of the mixtures:

Preheat the oven.

CARBON TERRINA (in the center)
Mozarella, smoked bacon or bacon, egg, parmesan.

2 kinds of cheese (I put goat and sheep from the country), egg, ricotta (I didn't have)

Sibiu salami, mushrooms, garlic, urda or ricotta (I put mozzarella).

Mushrooms, pressed ham, olives

Sibiu salami, peppers, red onions, olives

Mozzarella, olives, tomatoes, slices of red onions and peppers.

Grate on the grater with small holes cheese or Parmesan and put in the center and on each petal separately, not in the pile because it will no longer read the shape of the flower.


We cut thin slices from a very large tomato. With a cutter (I cut with my finger) cut the middle to see the yellow cheese in the middle. Place a slice of tomato on each petal. We don't put the yolk in the center now.

Put the pizza in the oven (on a tray lined with baking paper) for about 20-25 minutes at 200 degrees, but after 10-15 minutes carefully pour in the center an egg yolk that must remain with the uncooked juice, as to look yellow but not white.

Remove from the oven when slightly browned and carefully sprinkle a little chopped dill around the yolk and in the center of the tomato-petal a green edible twig. Leave it in the tray for 5-10 minutes (cut it easier and combine all the ingredients better - that is, do not fall off the pizza while eating).

Now the Turks are starting to fight at your mouth!

Flower Sunday: The most inspired WISHES for those with flower names

It is also the holiday of those named after flowers, so we thought we would recommend some messages that you can send to your loved ones.

The roses you gathered in the crown of your life, let them intertwine today in a bouquet of fulfillment. May the flowers of love adorn your life and see all your desires fulfilled.

I wish you an hour of peace, a day of peace, a week of sunshine, a year of love, a century of health and a millennium of money. Happy Birthday!

If everyone wishes you a wonderful day, I wish you all the days to be full of joy and accomplishments, to fill your soul with good will. Happy Birthday!

Have a nice day, like a spring day. Enjoy the name you bear, be happy, loved and smiling. Happy Birthday!

May the goodness and love that spring from a great and loving heart be reflected on you.

Happy name day! May the name day be bright and prolong in many other joyful days. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Thank you for teaching me to believe in the little things, to enjoy with all my heart the richness of the colors of life.

Because you loved me with the tenderness of a snowdrop, the passion of a rose and the warmth of a wildflower, I wish you happy birthday!

You will receive flowers for your birthday… To learn from every flower to love, to be tender, to enlighten those around you, to let them admire you, to bring joy and celebration… Happy birthday!

Because you are wonderful, all the flowers in the world wish you "Happy Birthday! & # 8221

For the day that smiles on your doorstep, And you bear her beautiful name, I wish you all the dearest, And the most beautiful in the world.

Wherever you go, roses will grow in your way and carnations will lag behind.

ESKAPE wishes you HAPPY BIRTHDAY to those of you who have flower names!

Everything you need for a diet rich in vitamins

In our offer you can find weekly fruits and vegetables at good prices: roots, vegetables for soups and various stews, vegetables as a base for dishes (yellow onions, green onions, red onions, potatoes), local fruits, but also exotic fruits (bananas, pomegranates , papaya).

In the Kaufland assortment you can find fruits and vegetables to the liking of the whole family. From local fruits and vegetables, to exotic fruits and vegetables or less used in traditional Romanian cuisine, but just as tasty and rich in nutrients, at Kaufland you can find a rich assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables and at good prices.

Check weekly Kaufland discounts on fruits, vegetables and plants to enjoy vitamins at great prices.

Apples, pears, in crumbs

Our oil is manufactured by cold pressing technology, it is a natural product, obtained from carefully selected seeds not subjected to heat or chemical treatments, which gives the product a superior quality to hot pressed or refined oils. The oils thus processed preserve the richness of nutrients, vitamins, minerals contained in the seeds from which they are manufactured / made.

Freshness, quality and excellent taste are the main properties of our oil.

You can prepare any dish with this set

The complete Delimano Stone Legend Classic set includes all the dishes you need to prepare a weekly & acircnal menu for you and your family:

  1. Two pots, 20 and 24 cm - Durable and multifunctional pots, ideal both for the preparation of traditional recipes and for the experimentation of new machines. The non-stick coating helps you to wash them effectively.
  2. Round pan, 28 cm - The perfect choice for light, quick and tasty dishes. You can prepare Alfredo chicken, risotto or fried fish fillets.
  3. Two pans, 24 and 28 cm "Forget the sticking machine!" The QuanTanium non-stick coating contains titanium particles for even more protection.
  4. Pancake pan, 24 cm - Prepare a delicious breakfast with this non-stick pan. Perfect for French pancakes, American pancakes or Spanish omelette! Its non-stick coating makes the return of pancakes a breeze every time.
  5. Saucepan, 16 cm - Frying pan with non-stick coating, perfect for daily tasks - you can heat the milk, prepare sauces or store leftovers.
  6. Three glass lids, 20, 24 and 28 cm - 3 caps with bakelite machine.

NEW range, now improved and recognized due to its color - intense red

The complete Delimano Stone Legend Classic set is part of the new Delimano Stone Legend Classic range of dishes. This range uses a triple system made of carbon steel and a base made of enamel, they keep the pans in an excellent condition, regardless of the material from which the utensils that help prepare the food are made. The vessels have a Whitford QuanTanium non-stick coating - extremely efficient and durable , without chemical particles. At the same time, it has another layer made of stone and titanium particles , which offers even more protection.

Email - a legendary material

Enamel is a material used for decades for dishes due to its excellent properties:

[HIP HOP NEWS] List of Dwarf Flower vs List of Emperor Dwarf. Pistru's spouses: money, weight loss recipes, divorce and millions of euros & # 8230

© lu lu list # 8217 dwarf Flower vs Lu lu list # 8217 Emperor King!
At the accident in Bistrița, near Topa's car, 2 lists were found: on one were written the vegetables for zacusca, eggs, cheese, milk, absorbents and a lubricant & # 8211 on the other were written 8 names of some individuals from Arad, circled in red plus their pictures and attack scheme but also drawings with gas stations where you can take gas canisters to set fire to their cars. It was easy to see that it would be his list of the following:
& # 8211 grammar has been grounded
& # 8211 The names of those threatened are capitalized
& # 8211 drawings with the attack scheme "where they attack at night and in the pack"
& # 8211 the amounts offered to "attackers" & # 8221, ie the price starting from a menu with salad soup, money (50 €) or 1-2 grams of cocaine to start
& # 8211 traces of original sneakers from Arbanii or Adbidas were found
& # 8211 plastic house from Dedemann (most are homeless and live in the train station)
& # 8211 Maramureș belt to put the knives in the shelter
& # 8211 CDs with live music sung for Uţu Imparat himself plus a set of headphones & # 8230 just can't go loud to make noise.

The sheet was made of some notebooks of grades 1-4 & # 8230 we caught because in the corner of the page there were some superheroes from comics and on the back of it was a hair treatment with aloe and schemes of how to make your pineapple cutter and something for light women (some of Topa's). So, of course, this was not Floare's list, but the other one, with zacusca vegetables, eggs, cheese, milk, absorbents and a lubricant.

© Pistru & # 8230 Money, weight loss recipes, divorce and millions of euros!

Evil mouths are already talking about the separation of Mrs. Pistru from Eusebius himself. Now the pain is not great considering that the millions are divided by 2, the pain will be greater when the future lovers will feed on those millions, each being free to do what he wants.
He: He will now be able to roll over with his car full of naughty teenagers and "buffer" what he wants at any speed. will you still have to deal with where, with whom and why? & # 8230 Now he will be able to calmly behave like a teenager because he is FREE!
She: His wife won't let herself be outdone either, but she still has a little of that diet to lose weight, but I'm sure she already has a "Roby Roberto" that caresses her hearing and senses, not the other way around, but it's like that one wants to -change your car with a stronger one. So fuck the divorce, he's free to have fun! The only problem and dilemma will be with the numbers on the car: he will surely have all the "PIS" and, for the lady, we thought he would catch a "XXS" or a "IUB" & # 8230 or BAL? & # 8230 BAL to be!

And you can be a real Chef

And finally, you can prepare delicious dishes that will impress your guests, whether or not you are a good chef. All you have to do is follow a recipe and select a suitable program. The results will be tasty and professional!

Delicious cream soups and sauces.

Ideal for meat, fish, stews and risotto.

Slow cooking and steaming of nutritious vegetables.

Cooking or preparing rice or pasta.

Omelettes, cold pies or savory pies.

Baking p & acircinii or pizza and much more!

Contemporary design for a modern lifestyle & icircn continuous movement

The stainless steel housing combines with the black lid and curvilinear finishes for a contemporary look that fits in any kitchen.

Multicooker 18 & icircn 1 can also be used outside your home - it is ideal for going with a tent, caravan or holiday home - wherever you find an electrical outlet, so you can make it easier to cook outside your home.

How he got into the theater

"I went to the theater completely unprepared. My luck was that in that year, when I was admitted to Cluj, I wanted raw talents, not trained in some years of training.

I took the train, went to college on the last day of enrollment, and realized I had forgotten my enrollment money at home. At that time, the money from Miercurea Ciuc to Cluj arrived in about three days.

It was already lunch time, at the secretariat I had found out that if I didn't manage to solve it until 14.00, I would lose the chance to register in that year. I didn't know anyone in Cluj from whom I could borrow money for a few days.

In desperation, I went to the office. I knocked on the door, I entered. I said then, "Hello!" I'm Pavel Bartoș and I want to go to the theater, but I forgot my enrollment money at home. My mother sends them to me, but I'll be there in 3 days. Who can help me with 5,000 lei? Professor Ionescu stood up and said: "Finally a man who asks us for money because he wants to go to school!" And he gave me the money ", Pavel Bartoș told life.ro.

"I danced and acted like all devils," said Pavel Bartos

History of carpets in Moldova

The art of the carpet is a landmark in the cultural heritage of the Moldovan people. The carpet reflects the multitude of aesthetic concepts of the people, as well as its ideal of beauty and harmony. Over the centuries, various ornamental motifs, compositions and chromatic ranges have been selected and chiseled to render a more pleasing appearance of the carpet. The art of the Moldovan carpet has perennial roots. The technical processes and the ornament bear the imprint of different ethnic layers, such as: Thracian, Roman, Slavic, Turkish, etc. Particularly important, this is illustrated in terminology: l & icircnă, c & icircnepă - of Latin origin carpet, stands - Slavic origin kilim, cerga, macat - Turkish origin. As a branch of industry, the making of carpets in Moldova has appeared in the domestic conditions of peasant households.

The oldest Moldovan carpets, which have survived to the present day, date from the end of the 18th century. Mentions of carpets from earlier periods can be seen in archaeological discoveries, old books, historical sources, etc. The documents from the 14th & 15th centuries contain references to the existence of postwares, spinning and weaving workshops in Moldova, which belonged to the boyars and the wealthy peasants. Carpets, kilims, rugs, macadamias, laity are listed in the deeds of donation and in the dowry lists in the 15th and 16th centuries. In Moldovan folklore, the carpet was a symbol of the diligence and skill of female doctors. The carpets were carefully preserved and passed on by inheritance.

The raw material used to weave Moldovan carpets was of local origin, obtained from their own household. The processing of wool, cotton, and linen, as well as the twisting and dyeing of the threads, was done in domestic conditions. In order to give the carpets durability, the warp was twisted from long strands of wood. In the second half of the nineteenth century, the warp of wool began to be replaced by that of cotton or cotton. One of the most complex processes related to carpet weaving was considered wood dyeing. & Icircn for this purpose natural dyes were used, prepared according to certain recipes. The paint was obtained by boiling in water the leaves, flowers, bark and roots of certain plants, as well as some minerals.

For example, the dark brown color was obtained from the green oak bark, the yellow-brown color - from the doll's silk, black - from the green walnut shell, etc. The solution was left in the solution until the desired shade was obtained. Sometimes the same color was obtained from different plants, and other times from the same plant several shades of the same color were obtained. Secular traditions and the existence of painting processes with local dyes contributed to the creation of harmonious combinations of pastel colors, which were the distinctive feature of the Moldovan carpet.

The seventeenth and eighteenth centuries outlined certain features of carpets in different historical and ethnographic areas. & Icircn the northern and central area of ​​the country), the carpets were woven on the vertical tool (war, druci, virstat), & icircn the southern area- on the horizontal (stand). The use of different tools and various technical processes was reflected on the appearance of carpets, dimensions, invoice, ornamental composition. & Icircn Moldova also made fluffy carpets (cerga, niţurcă, şatrancă) similar to the oriental weaving technique. A peculiarity of these carpets is the fact that the weft threads were tied to the warp by knots, the carpet getting a fluffy appearance.

5 recipes for natural fertilizer for plants

There are many ways to prepare natural fertilizer for plants. Even if you can find this type of product in specialty stores and supermarkets, there are 100% natural ingredients that provide more nutrients to the soil.

Compost has been used since ancient times for harvests. But over time, it has been replaced by synthetic fertilizers. Although they feed the soil quickly, the latter can have long-term negative effects, depleting soil resources.

It is true that plant roots make the difference between synthetic and organic fertilizers, but commercial assortments produce imbalances. In addition, they kill beneficial microbes and earthworms.

That's why we thought of presenting you some ways to prepare natural fertilizer for plants that revitalize the soil.

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